Kenny x rich perv reader

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~Warning swearing and bad spelling, this is a request from @Ashley_Fanfic thanx for the request! On with the story!!~

~Your POV~

Hi!, my name is (y/n) (l/n) and im coincided  'rich' and a perv but I'm not parent are....and I'm only a perv for one person and that person is Kenny. I love him so much but my parents will never accept him because he is poor...I want to spend the rest of my life with him but I can't, I know what you are thinking....just run away together but it's not that parents being the assholes they are arranged marriages with me and Token Black, Token is nice in front of my parents but secretly he bullies me....I just what to be with the one I love...

Anyway, Today is me and Kenny's one year anniversary....and it's the day where I have to say 'yes' to marrying Token... I was at school, following Token around like a lost puppy(My parents said I had to). "Darling can you get my a soda?" Token said, "No" I bluntly said, "WHAT DID YOU SAY TO ME!!" Token yelled at me, the power has gotten to his head.."I SAID NO!! I'M NOT YOU FUCKING SLAVE!" I yelled back, i raised his hand and slapped me...hard. "I TELL YOU TO DO SOMETHING AND YOU FUCKING DO IT!" he yelled, i raised my hand to my cheek and held it, looking at him in disgust.

I ran away from him, running to look for Kenny...

After I found him, I ran to him and hugged him. "(Y/n)? what's wrong? What happened?" he said concerned. I buried my face into his parka, breathing in his scent, "Token slapped me" i said quietly but loud enough for him to hear. "WHAT?!" he said anger rising, he picking me up and walked in the direction of Token, "Kenny where are we going?" I said looking at him, he looked at me and kissed me on the forehead, "No one hurts my baby on our anniversary" he smiled. "You remembered!"  I said pecking him on the lips, "You get a special present tonight" I whispered in his ear then kissed his neck. "Babe, if you kept doing that you will have to do my present now" he said making me giggled.

He continued to walk to Token, "(Y/n) is so ugly, I can't believe you have to marry her, HAHAHA!" I heard Clyde talked about me, I buried my face into Kenny's shoulder and cried again. I felt Kenny tighten his grip around me. "HEY FUCKFACE!" Kenny yelled, "What do you want Kenny? And why do you have that fat troll hugging you...isn't she heavy??? HAHAHAH!!" I cried harder, clenching onto his parka.

"First of all, I here to tell you that (y/n) is a beautiful and smart young women that should be treated with respect and she is someone that is to be treated like a princess, you Token should be happy that you get to marry this girl and second of all I have been recording this whole time and I will be showing her parents." He said smirking, "Don't you dare" Token threatened.

"Watch me" Kenny smirked before running off and out of the school, "Thank you Kenny" I said kissing his neck again. "Babe stop your going to make me excited~" he said, "Maybe....I want to get you excited~" I purred in his ear, making him shiver, "I want to rip open your parka and see your hard sexy abs~" I said nibbling onto his ear. "(Y/n) stop being a perv, we are nearly at your house and your going to make me hard~" He said, "Fine" I pouted.

~Timeskip brought to your by Creek~

We got to my house and I got off Kenny and walked through the door to find Token's dad talking to my dad, "Hello Father and Mr Black may be and Kenny talk to you?" "Hello (y/n) and is it important?" My dad said and I nodded, "Fine but make it quick" my dad said, "I don't want to marry Token" I said with conference, "And why not?" my dad said, "because he bullies me and makes me feel like a slave" I replied, "That is a very big you have proof of this bullying?" he said raising a eyebrow, "Yes, Kenny recorded it on his phone" I said and Kenny showed him the video.

After my dad and Mr Black saw the video, Mr Black left probably to kick Token's ass. "(Y/n), I love you but I want what is best for you, who do you want to marry?" He said, I quickly grabbed Kenny's hand. My dad smirked, "(Y/n) you may marry him, Nice to meet Kenny" My dad said leaving us allow. I got really excited and jumped in his arms, kissing him passionately. "Well (Y/n) will you marry me?" Him said, I smiled and nodded, kissing him again.

I finally get the marry the one I really love..

~Thank you for reading, sorry that I haven't updated in a while. I'm trying to write really good stories for you guys so hang in there, I'll update soon~

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