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This is the censored version of my story Blood on Our Hands.  This is for my family and other adults and anyone else who does not wish to read the original, Rated R story.  (In order to access Rated R stories, you need to create an account and be 17+ years old.)  What I mean by censored is that offensive words and extreme profanity, like the f-word, are replaced with new words and any sexual content has been taken out.

I suggest reading the original version, but if you are my family or an adult that  knows me or anyone who is easily offended by some of these things, please read this version.  I don't want any disrespect and for my family and their friends and other adults to look down on me and not take my work seriously.  This is why I posted this censored version.

By the way, the cover of the book is temporary.  I am definitely no photographer, but it is mine.  I took it myself, so please don't copy it in any shape or form.  Thank you.

 Just like the original, I will be posting a new chapter every Monday.

Thanks for reading! :)

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