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ChrisZylka: Hey 

JakePaul: If you are here to lecture me about Alessandra I don't want to hear it

ChrisZylka: No dude, I need your help 

JakePaul: My help how? 

ChrisZylka: Alessandra led me on, she made me believe that she wanted to date me and than now she is dating this Neels guy

JakePaul: I knew it, any friend  of Alissa got to  be a snake  

ChrisZylka: I want my revenge

JakePaul: Join the club bro

ChrisZylka: Can you help me teach Alessandra not to mess with me 

JakePaul: What will I get from this 

ChrisZylka: You can have your revenge with Alissa  

JakePaul: So how will that help you

ChrisZylka: Alessandra gets more hurt when you hurt people she cares for  

JakePaul: So if I hurt Alissa than she will get more affected

ChrisZylka: That a Win-Win 

JakePaul: Exactly, so I will target Alissa 

ChrisZylka: And I will target Alessandra 

JakePaul: let's add her boyfriend Faze Banks in the mix 

ChrisZylka: Why? 

JakePaul: Alissa gets more affected  when we hurt the people around her too  

ChrisZylka: Now that's a plan 

                                                                                                                                                         JakePaul: It sure is  

ChrisZylka: You need to make  up with Logan first so she doesn't  get suspicious 

JakePaul: That's  a great idea so it will be like stabbing from the  back just  like Alissa did with me 

ChrisZylka:  I  have the perfect idea how you can 

JakePaul: How? 

ChrisZylka: 2 public songs how you brothers love each other on each of your channels 

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