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grayson's birthday present was meeting us:)tagged: graysondolan and leeleegraysondolan leelee and 65,971 like this———-user1: how do i get as lucky as meg and stacey?user2: you don't

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grayson's birthday present was meeting us:)
tagged: graysondolan and leelee
graysondolan leelee and 65,971 like this
user1: how do i get as lucky as meg and stacey?
user2: you don't. none of us do @user1
leelee: so now that he's 18 can i officially call him the hottest person i know?
graysondolan: only if i can call you the hottest person i know @leelee
user3: ship^^
user4: ship.
user5: #mayson OMG MAYSON AHHH
babystace: i mean yeah i ship it? @user5
jackgilinsky: leave my baby sister alone @graysondolan
user6: 2 things. 1:since when has jack had a sister named megan and 2: when is the wedding for #mayson
leelee: i was adopted when i was 14. so like six years? and you tell me @user6
ethandolan: i don't go out one time and you meet megan and stacey? @graysondolan

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