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Kein Evans (F(x)*Krystal Jung) - The Badass girl. 21 years old. Height 5'3. She's perfect inside and out. She's smart, very lady like (sometimes) but mostly boyish and submissive. Aspiring Singer-Dancer. She's a fighter hindi marunong magpatalo.

The Seven Knights

Ricci Forth Monte Alegre (Infinite*L) - The hard-headed guy. 22 years old. Height 5'11. The cold dimple guy. May brown na mata. Isang badboy, But he has a manly features could killed all your brain cells. Although he seems to be wild and rebellious on the outside, But sweet and caring in the inside. He blinks his left eye when he is hungry.

Jared Syx Monte Alegre (BTOB*SungJae) - The International Playboy. Height 5'11. 21 years old. An arrogant playboy and smooth-talker who's used to get whatever he wants in life. He is pretty fluent in Japanese language as he had lived in Tokyo, Japan when he was younger.

Taylor Sceven Monte Alegre (BTS*V) - The youngest son. Height 5'10. 20 years old. The Joker. Mahilig mang asar pero pikon. He treats Kein really well and helps her adjust into her new environment at THE GREAT MONTE ALEGRE'S MANSION. He feels that Kein is her older sister so he becomes her knight and shining armor.

Lloyd Ohne Monte Alegre (SVT*S.Coups) - The Eldest son. Height 5'10. 23 years old. The king of flirt. He firmly believes na kaya niyang makuha ang lahat ng babae. But when he meet Kein he lost his confident. Kahit na anong kalandian ang ipakita niya kay Kein wala itong epekto sa kanya, But he has a genuine and pure heart.

Zheyro Fifth Monte Alegre (Infinite*Woohyun) - The sweet guy. Height 5'10. 21 years old. He childish and immature because his mother constantly spoiled him and never made him lift a finger to work in his life. Maarte sa lahat ng bagay, Nguni't laging tiklop kay Kein.

Shin Tuo Monte Alegre (Infinite*Sungyu) - The nice guy. Height 5'10. 23 years old. He is very easy going, and somewhat childish. He gaves up his first love ng makilala si Kein Evans. Gustong laging nagpapapansin kay Kein. He likes to joke around.

Alex Trii Monte Alegre (SVT*Joshua) - The smart guy. Height 5'10. 22 years old. He is soft hearted, extremely lonely and sensitive on the inside. He actually meet Kein at his close friend's birthday years ago.


Red Velvet*Joy as Jahne Castilo. Kein's Stepsister

4minute*Hyuna as Aira De Asis. Kein's childhood bestfriend and Shin's first love

Twice*Sana as Alexa Aquino Kein's Blocmate. Taylor's stalker

Apink*Bomi as Lyrey Gil. Kein's new found bestfriend.

Apink*Chorong as Reyly Gil. Lyrey's Twin Sister.

Iniba ko talaga yung age, height, at ugali ng gumanap sa characters. Ricci ipinangalan ko sa isa sa mga Seven Knights kasi crush ko yung Ace Player ng DLSU Basketball na si Ricci Rivero #06 ^_______^

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