Elysia Wright

I woke up out of my sleep to hear loud crying, I looked at my phone to see it was three in the morning. I waited for a few seconds before actually getting up following the cries.

I hesitated but I opened the door to the baby room where it was coming from and I saw August with his back turned rocking Aiden trying to calm him down

"Is he okay" I asked walking closer

"Um yeah I don't think he really like this milk though" he turned around his eyes was lower than usual and bags had formed under

"Is there any breast milk left?"

"No, he had drunk it and I didn't know it was the last. I didn't want to wake you though so I tried the formula instead."

"Ok I'll go pump for him real quick. Did you check his diaper that could be what's wrong too?" I said

"Yeah, I just changed him."

I nodded " where the empty bottles"

He went and grabbed a empty bottle and handed to me

"I'll be back" I left the nursery going back to the guest room

I've been here for a week now. My stitches haven't fell out yet but I was healing and I was happy. I still wasn't able to do too much moving around though but I was in way better shape than before.

After I was through pumping I fixed the bottle going back into the room. He had finally calmed down. I realized August was now singing to him while rocking him in the chair.

"Here you go." I said walking closer to hand him the bottle. Once I looked down my eyes landed on the baby and it felt like my heart had tightened. This was my first time seeing him ever and he was beautiful.

"Appreciate it!"

"No problem." I turned around to go back but he stopped me

"You don't have to rush off. Do you want to feed him?"

I thought about it for a minute then nodded my head "Yes"

He got up from the rocking chair he was in so I could sit, he handed me Aiden and his bottle before sitting on a small couch close by.

I looked down and watch him, he was looking up at me while sucking his bottle. He was slowly falling back to sleep. The feeling of having him in my arms and looking into his eyes was heart warming honestly and I can't believe I been missing out on something like this.

"I um actually wanted to talk to you about something" August said

"I um actually wanted to talk to you about something" August said

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