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"all i can think about you is you.the way you look at me the way you hold my hand. and the way you make my heart smile."

Scarlett's POV

i week later.

i woke up this morning in a strange bed. every morning now everytime i wake up i forget that i am in Chris's house and that my relationship is dead. i turned my head and saw a dog two inches from my face.

taken by suprise i screamed and feel off the bed. my heart was beating really fast when Steve came running into the room.

"Scar are you okay." i was too stuned to answer and Chris looked at Doger sitting on the bed looking very innocent .

"CHRIS YOU DOG ALMOST GAVE ME A HEART ATTACK!" i yelled. not really angry just scared out of my mind. just then Dogger jumped off the bed and layed next to me put his face onto my stomach.

"i think that he like you scar." Chris said teasingly.

"That is not funny"I whined. Chris held out his hand for me. Reluctantly I took it. He pulled me up and dogger whined.
"Oh stop it." I said. Chris laughed.

"I made breakfast if you want it." He told me

"Yeah thanks I have to grab it on my way out." I replied going to my closet.

"Where are you going." He asked with a soft disappointed tone.

"Have a meeting with lawyers." I groaned.

"Need some moral support?"He asked.

"As much as I would love to have you there chris you know you can't." I said And he nodded.

"Well if you need anything call ok."

"Ok."I replied. i smiled at him before heading to the bathroom to get ready. i turned around to see doger following me. " no stay here." i said sternly

"Dogger give her some privacy." Chris said trying not to break out in laughter.

"oh i hate you both." i said sarastically before shutting the bathroom door.


i looked at my outfit in the mirror.

i smiled at the outfit i created and went off down stairs

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i smiled at the outfit i created and went off down stairs. Chris was out for a run with Dogger so i just grabbed one of his homemade waffes, which may i add were the best. they were to die for.

time to go see the man i have been avoiding for a while now.


Romain had texted me earlier this morning to meet him at our place so we could talk. just to make sure this is what we both wanted.

walking up to the house was honestly really hard. it reminded me of all the good times. it made me smile until i remembered what was going on. i go to the door and slowly push the door bell.

with in seconds Romain had answered the door. we didn't say anything we just stared at each other. Memories of our time together flooded back to me. how we were so happy despite our disagreements. how much we loved each other. how much we care about each other. the life we were suppost to have.

we both had soft saddened eyes as we stared at one another.how i wish i could just reach out and hug him. i wanted to be with him.

"Scar." he said. his voice sounded stressed and sad. "i ..i can't do this."

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