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Your lack of a sense of self-preservation really should concern you

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Your lack of a sense of self-preservation really should concern you.

It was fortune that we both ended up in the same café on this rainy day—that was out of your control. You could have pretended not to see me and been on your way, but instead you waltzed over here as though you had no idea that I was a gumiho. You do realize that I haven't turned vegetarian since the last time we met? It will never happen. Human livers are still just as appetizing to a fox spirit like me.

But seeing as we're in a public place, I suppose it would cause a bit of a scene if I took a bite here. So you're safe, for now.

You want another story? Well, I suppose I have nothing better to do. Earlier, I was planning to go to the park and catch some rabbits, but the bad weather put a stop to those plans. I'm still hungry, though, so why don't we make a deal—I'll tell another story if you buy me food. Does that sound good?

Wonderful. I know a great barbeque place down the street. There's plenty of juicy beef and pork for the both of us. And I suppose they have some vegetables and things too, if you're interested in that sort of thing.

As for the story, well...let me think for a moment. I have quite a few stories I could tell, but since it is raining, I suppose it would be fitting to go along with the water theme. This one is a tale of sea dragons, sea captains, and sea divers. And while I'm not the best swimmer, I was involved as well. At first I wasn't too happy about it, but there turned out to be plenty of opportunities to snack on livers, so I suppose it was all right in the end. That, and the fact that what started out as a hopeless defeat turned out to be the greatest victory in Korean history.

It's just a shame humans take all the credit for it.

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