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" hey, Han, what are you doing?" I asked my sister as I walked into the kitchen

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" hey, Han, what are you doing?" I asked my sister as I walked into the kitchen.

" nothing." She quickly hung up the phone and sent me a smile.

" ha-"

" it's the birthday girl!" Ashley said interrupted me.

" happy birthday!" Hanna told her bestfriend with a huge smile on her face.

" the birthday girl wants to be shopping the second the stores open and have lunch at rive gauche."

" excuse me?" Ashley asked as I bit into my toast.

" did I say lunch? My bad. It's dinner at rive gauche." 

"Mona. I'm serous." I just rolled my eyes. I don't see what Hanna sees in her. She a horrible person.

" okay so should we meet after first period or just bail on school completely?" The bitch asked as soon as Ashley left.

" no, you heard my mom. I can't ditch." I looked at her so weirdly. When does Hanna ever listen and I think Mona thought the same thing too.

" yeah, so? I don't see a locator bracelet on that ankle. "

" as much fun as this is." I pointed to what was going on. " I'm leaving." I rolled my eyes while grabbing my phone.

" oh, liv, here." Mona handed me an invitation.

" what the hell would I ever go to your party?" I asked as she just laughed.

" you're so funny."

" yeah okay, crazy." I mumble walking away.


" hey, baby." Mike said wrapping his arms around my waist and kissing my cheek.

" hello." I replied turning around and placing my arms around his neck.

" so I was thinking about a date night soon?" He asked with a huge smile on his face.

" yeah. I think that would be great." I smiled kissing him. " plus we have something we need to talk about."

" do we have too?"

" yes." I nodded my head. "Communication is a big part of a good working relationship." I rolled my eyes.

" so I've been told." He kissed me again.

" can the following Student please report to the office. Emily fields, aria Montgomery, Spencer Hastings, hanna and Olivia Marin." The lady over the P.A. Said.

" what did you guys do?" He asked with a laugh.

" it probably has something to do with Alison."

" oh okay. Well, if you need anything call." He gave me one last kiss before I made my way to the office.


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