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"you are strong for getting out of bed in the morning when it feels like hell. you are brave for doing the things even if they scare you or make you anxious.  and you are amazing for holding no matter how hard life get."

Chris's POV

we spent the rest of the night watching the sunset. when it finally sat we drove back home.once we reached the house i showed her to the guest bedroom. 
"thank you for taking me here, chris i really enjoyed it." 

"anytime Scar. i am here for you no matter what happens." i said honestly.

"thank you. i wish more people were like you." she mummbled before falling into a deep sleep. i smiled. she looked so peacful when she slept. i don't understand why or how the world could hate this amazing person. i sighed and put a blanket on top of her.

"goodnight Scarlett." i said kissing her forehead.

i walked out of her room and down stairs. i grabbed my phone and looked down at doger who was staring at me.

"what?" i said and he looked at scarlett's room then back at me. " hey nothing is going on.....oh josh im talking to a dog now." i sighed and then looked at my phone that just buzzed.  it was Robert

Hey chris see the news?

No what is it?

People are asuming that you and
scar are dating.

because people cant hang out as friends

Apparently not

i hate the paparazzi

How is she doing by the way?

Better i think. she certainly is improving.

Is she going to work tomorrow?

i don't know it will depend on how she feels.

Ok. well got to run but tell her to come get her savage brothers tomorrow.

Will do.

I sighed and put my phone in it's charger. i jumped into bed. but i didn't sleep. i couldn't help but think about the fact that people think me and scar are dating. What if we were? how would life be.

i had to shake these thought out of my head though. She didn't feel the same for me. i am a brother to her.  and besides she just got out of a relationship. i need to stop being selfish and be there for my friend.

i feel asleep however with a smile. the though of me and Scarlett ever together put a smile on my face.

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