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When I came to I was laying on something much comfier than the forest floor, it was probably the softest surface I'd played on in a long time. Letting out a huff I rolled upright to take in my surroundings. I didn't know where I was but it appeared to be some kind of... house? I was laying on a very comfy giant pillow like thing, in a room with a couch and TV. Some of the few human things I remembered from my childhood.

I was surprised to find that I was still in my second form and that blood still stained my coat. I was also surprised that I wasn't in full out panic mode, but for some reason, I felt perfectly at ease as if this place was my own territory. It was strange. I sniffed the air curiously, interested in what the scents around me could tell. As soon as the first whiff flew into my nostril I was hit by the overwhelming scent of him. The man from the side of the road. My heart began to pound and if I was in human form, I think I'd be blushing.

The room was dark but I could easily see everything in it. Light from the moon was streaming in from the cracks in the curtains and I noticed that it was still night time or maybe just early morning. I heard footsteps from somewhere in the house, someone was shuffling around in a room somewhere. I wasn't left in suspense as my rescuer came walking into the room.

Again, I was thankful to be in my second form, because of course, he wouldn't be wearing a shirt. His chest looked like it was carved from stone. He was wearing a simple pair of sweats and that was it as far as I could tell. My rate sped up and if he was a werewolf, I knew he'd be able to hear it.

"Hey there big guy, are we still friends?" He greeted as he took small non-threatening steps towards me. I let out a sound resembling a whine and a bark, the closest I'd get to laughing in this form. Hell, we can be more than friends if you want. my wolf said smartly.

The man raised a brow curiously, his eyes filling with amusement. "If I didn't know better, I'd think you just laughed at me," he said as a smile pulled at his full pink lips. There was still a few feet between us and I wanted him to hurry up and close the distance. My tail began to way from a mixture of impatience and excitement, thumping as it hit the pillow-thingy repeatedly. I gave a bark, followed by a whine as I lurched my head toward him, my nose twitching as I took in deep whiffs of his wonderful scent.

"Alright," he said, quickly closing the gap "Stop moving before you open your stitches." I immediately stopped but my tail was still happily wagging. "Huh..." confusion etched onto his beautiful face. He just shook his head murmuring under his breath as he brushed it off.

My tail picked up speed once he was crouched in front of me. I was almost embarrassed by my behavior, I was acting like a puppy who hadn't seen Its owner all day. It took everything in me to not wiggle around excitedly but I didn't because my mate had told me to not move. I couldn't wait to learn his name, I bet it is as beautiful as he is.

I watched him as he silently went to work checking the stitches he must have given me when I was passed out. "We have to hurry up and get a cast for that ankle-" his brows pulled together as he suddenly cut off. "W-What?"

I mentally winced realizing that my ankle was almost fully healed now that it was out of the trap. One of the perks of being a werewolf, I guess. I stared at the man uneasily, to him my ankle should be broken bad enough to need a cast but now it was almost healed, for a human, this must be a lot to process. I waited for him to freak out or something but got nothing but silence.

He blinked slowly as if still trying to process the newly discovered information. I gulped, if he thought that was trippy, this was going to blow his mind. Without thinking about it I shifted into my very naked human form and his chocolate eyes became impossibly wide.

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