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" I was afraid she wouldn't get it done in time for the memorial

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" I was afraid she wouldn't get it done in time for the memorial." Aria told us as she and Spencer pushed the crate into the living room.

" and this is someone from your moms gallery?" Hanna asked.

" where is your mom?" Emily asked walking to them.

" there's an apartment above the gallery, so she's staying there. " we nodded our heads. " for now." She added.

" that's kind of weird, isn't it? Your mom moving out." Hanna spoke up as I sent her a glare.

" yeah, like my dad should have left. That's what you'd expect."

" excuse me?" I asked mad. Who gave her the right?

" hey, I'm sorry." Aria let out a sigh. " I didn't mean it like that." She added. " really liv."

" whatever." I waved it off not wanting to fight.

"The whole thing"

" we know." Hanna told her.

" did anyone call Shelly Leonard?" Emily asked changing the topic which I was glad for.

" done. And I told her if she plays anything with depressing, I will kick her in her cello. " we laughed at our friend.

" oh, what about the program?" I asked from my seat at the counter.

" almost done, but we should finish it....before Ali's brother gets here." Spencer told me.

" when is that?"

" tonight. And he wants to see us in the morning."

" great." I mumbled sarcastically as they all gave me looks. " what?"

Time is almost up. What are you going to do? -A

" liv?" Aria asked as I shot my head up.

" yeah?" I asked trying to not freak out.

" who is it?" She asked afraid of the answer.

" unmmmm mike." I lied. I could tell the didn't really believe me. " he wants to talk." I mumbled hoping that would sell it. " I should go.

" good luck." They told me as I sent them a smile and walked away. You can do this. It will be better coming from you. Ah, you are you kidding? This is going to end in a disaster.

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