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"Hello?" I asked answering my phone still half asleep

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"Hello?" I asked answering my phone still half asleep.

" liv? Are you still sleeping?" She asked in disapproval.

Rolling my eyes I responded. " what do you want, hanna?"

" no need to be rude."

" hanna" I warned her not in the mood.

" Fine." She breathes out. " just meet me at Emily's." She hung up. Can't I just have one normal day?

I rolled over hoping to find mike but surprise, surprise I found nothing. I knew last night was to good to be true. I just wish things would go back to the way they were.

" hey." I heard from inside my closet. Mike? " babe?" He asked again. Okay, did I hit my head?

" mike?" I asked pekin my head around the corner. He was just standing there. Smiling. " what's up?"

" I got us some breakfast." He smile, holding up a bag. What is going on?

" oh okay." I replied unsure of everything that is going on. " let me put on a top." I sent him a small smile.

" or you could come out without it." He commented making me blush. Did I miss something?

" funny." I rolled my eyes as he walked towards me. He just laughed before kissing me. Seriously what is happening? " this is all really nice but I have to go." He sent me a questioning look. " Emily got hurt last night." I explained vaguely.

" oh okay. Uhh, I'll see you later?" He asked as I nodded. " bye." He kissed me again as I stood there dumbfounded.

" bye." I mumbled before rushing out of there. Could this day get any weirder?


" hey guys." I smiled at my two friends who were leaving Emily's.

" hey." Spencer smiled back at me.

" where is my brother?" Aria asked confused.

" umm he should be on his way home." I replied as they gave me confused looks. " speaking of your brother. We have to talk later but right now I have to go see Emily so bye!" I yelled walking away so they couldn't ask questions.

" okay, how do you go to homecoming, crack your head open, and then win a corolla in a raffle?" I asked making myself known. " I need to take to you about your karma." I added as my sister agreed with me.

" hey, liv." She chucked as I flopped down beside on her bed.

" I'll see you at home." Hanna told me before walking out.

" how are you?" I asked.

" better." She smiled. " the real question is how are you?" I titled my head. " I heard about mike."

" ahh. Yes." I let out a dry laugh. " you know this morning he acted like nothing was wrong. He kissed me, brought me breakfast, he-"

" acted like you guys were still together" she finished for me as I nodded. " I'm sorry. I know that must be hard for you." I was about to asked her about the whole Toby thing when her mom came in demanding that I left.

" I'll see you later, em." I gave her a kiss on the head before walking off.


" aria, wait up!" I called out as she walked passed me.

" what's up?" She asked with a smile.

" I wanted to talk to you about mike." She nodded her head for me to continue.

" hey babe." Mike said kissing me on the cheek. " are we still on for later?" He asked as I just nodded my head not trusting my words.

" what the hell was that?!" She asked as we walking out of school. " I thought you guys broke up."

" we did. We are." I ran my hand through my hair. " he's been acting like that since homecoming."

" did you guys have a talk you forgot about." She joked but I didn't find it funny. " right not the time." She mumbled. " isn't this what you wanted? So why not go with it?"

" because it hurts. It hurts knowing that it's not real. We didn't get back together. We didn't talk. He's acting like nothing ever happened in the first place and that worry's me. "

" look. I'll talk to him but please go easy on him. Thing are rough at home." She explained looking down.

" anything for my bestfriend." I smiled at her which she returned. " see you later." I waved hoping in my car.


" so is Toby dead?" Hanna asked as I sat on Emily's bed.

" I couldn't bring myself to ask." She breathed out. " Jenna was so upset." She paused. " but his looked like it it was wrecked."

" well, I'm not gonna cry over this, and neither should you." Spencer told her as I rolled my eyes.

" Told was her friend. Just because you didn't like him doesn't mean she can't." I snapped.

" yeah, if she like him she can cry about it." My sister added.

" well, I'm sorry for speaking." She said sending glared our way. " look there right. I shouldn't tell you how to feel." She added.

" I'm sorry for what I said about your family yesterday.

" it's true." She sadly told her. " you're not the first person to think it." I was about to say something when Emily and I's phone went off.

" what is it?" Hanna asked us.

"Thanks for getting Toby out of my way. 'A'" Spencer answered grabbing Emily's phone.

" what?" I asked as they all looked at me. " it was just mike." I lied to them. I know I shouldn't but I can't tell them what mine said. I'm not ready.

Tell mike the truth before the memorial or I will. -A

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