Madoka sighed softly when she heard the doorbell ring loudly throughout the living room. With a huff, she pushed herself away from Ken'ichi who only made a soft grunting sound in response to the doorbell. Madoka pushed herself off of the couch, stretching her tired arms a bit before making her way over to the door. As Madoka pulled open the door, she could feel her heart monetarily stop while her eyes widened.

"Good evening, ma'am. My name is Officer Minami and this is my partner Officer Moto," the decorated officer said when Madoka opened the door. "This would be the Ono residence, is that correct?"

"Yes, sir," Madoka managed to respond once she had gotten her shock in place. Seeing a pair of police here was the last thing Madoka had expected and the last thing she ever wanted to see. She could feel her grip on the door handle tightening while she attempted to keep control of herself from the emotions that slowly began to surface at the sight of them.

"May we come in? We'd like to ask you a few questions," Minami asked her. Madoka could feel the worry rising again but she pushed it down, keeping a smile on her face. She never let anyone see her worry and she wasn't about to begin now.

"Of course, sir. Please come in." Madoka stepped aside, giving the men a small bow. They returned her gesture before stepping into the house.

Madoka was prompt with leading them down the small pathway to the living room. When she stepped inside, Ken'ichi looked up and his eyes instantly widened at the sight of the officers standing behind Madoka. She shot him a look, telling him to keep quiet and not let them in on anything. She didn’t need him slipping up and ruining anything for her. She could have this all under control as long as Ken’ichi could at least manage to control himself.

"Please come sit down," Madoka said, motioning to the couch. The officers thanked her softly and made their way over while Madoka took a seat in one of the chairs. Ken'ichi never took his puzzled gaze off of Madoka, still confused as to what they were doing over here.

"Thank you for agreeing to speak with us," Minami began while his partner pulled out a small notebook and pencil. "First off, is a young woman by the name of Haruna Ono living here?"

"Yes, she is living here," Madoka answered. She was doing her best to keep her cool. She knew it; she knew that little brat had something to do with this. Whenever there was trouble, Haruna always had something to do with it.

"Is she your daughter?"

"No, sir. Haruna is our niece. I am Madoka Ono and my husband is Ken’ichi Ono. You see, her parents are away on business and wanted someone to make sure Haruna was caring for herself properly in their absence, so we came here to do that."

"That's very understandable, teenagers do cause a lot of trouble when left alone," Minami said with a nod while his partner scribbled something down. "Where is Haruna now?"

Madoka exchanged a glance with Ken'ichi who silently told her to think of something. This was Madoka's fault after all; she's the one who wanted to come back for Haruna. It wasn't his choice so she ought to take the fall for it if anything happened. In his opinion, they should have left when they saw how much trouble Haruna had become, but Ken’ichi knew there was no convincing Madoka otherwise.

"Haruna is at school," Madoka replied with a smile. Minami raised an eyebrow before exchanging a glance with his partner. He leaned forward, clasping his hands and staring straight at Madoka. The older woman in front of him continued to smile despite the worry that began to grow. They didn’t know; no one did and even if Haruna had told, who would believe a person with her track record?

"Are you positive, Mrs. Ono? Because we did think Haruna would be at school at this time so we checked with her school first before coming here." Minami paused briefly to see the look of surprise cross Madoka's face before disappearing on a second later. "The school informed us she was suspended until next week... Now, I will ask you again and I implore you to be honest with us. Where is Haruna?"

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