Summary-Don't read before 2nd chapter

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Sorry:) I said I would post the summary in Chapter 2 but I didn't. I hope you'll forgive me if I put it in now!

Marinette and Adrien are done with college. Done with Marinette's confession on a Tuesday afternoon before one of the biggest Akuma attacks. Done with Adrien's haste (and poorly worded) rejection. Done with one of Paris's scariest nights that was completely their fault. And Done with their past dreams. So Done with everything that they each decided they wanted a fresh start. Ladybug chose to finally give in to Chat Noir. Adrien chose to quit letting his father decide for him. They both chose to start a new relationship, and a new career. Who knew that upon switching from sewing to acting, from modelling to performing arts they'd land right back with their peers from college and all those negative memories the two were trying so hard to ignore. Hiding behind tough outer faces that show hate are two people who just want to forgive, forget and move on.

Lucky for them they'll soon be on a Reality TV show. One that wants to dig up all the problems in the two's lives and show them to the world. What better place to sort out Marinette's unresolved anger and Adrien's apparent disgust of the girl he'd rejected so many years ago?

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