Around the World [A Liam Payne Romance]

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"You're what?!" Sadie, my best friend, screeched with eyes wide from her horror.

I winced at how loud she was before biting my lip, glancing at the clothing selection. "I was going to wear that tomorrow..."

She stood up, muttering obscenities to herself. "My best friend's meeting One Direction dressed in shorts and a sweat shirt... Listen, Mikayla, you have a great body. Show it off to the boys and make a good first impression!"

I rolled my eyes. "It's hours of flying, though! Can't I just be comfortable? Besides, I doubt I'll even meet them until first rehearsal..."

Sadie didn't listen. Instead, she was tearing through my closet and my suitcase, trying to find something approved by her for me to wear tomorrow. Tomorrow I would be getting on a flight to America so I could begin touring with One Direction - I was the replacement guitarist because the original one bailed due to a prior commitment.

So basically, I had the opportunity of a lifetime to not only tour with a famous band, but go back to America, where I was born. I don't remember much about America considering my parents moved to London before I reached the age of two. Anyway, after management called my guitar teacher and I auditioned for the replacement guitarist, they set this all up.

After a moment, I finally sighed. "Sadie! Come on, I'm leaving tomorrow and I just want to spend some time with my best friend."

She turned around with a frown. "You're playing the guilt card."

"Is it working?"



We both gravitated towards my bed before sitting down cross-legged and facing each other, Sadie saying with a pout, "You're going to be gone forever. Like, then entire summer."

I laughed, "So? You'll be too busy getting your dorm room ready and participating in the campus activities before school starts. Come on, don't you want me to go on tour with One Direction?"

"Yeah, but, exactly! Campus is so far away, and I'm never going to be able to see you." She complained.

I rolled my eyes, "Exaggerating, much? Your college campus is only ten minutes away."

"Same thing."

"Well, you know deep down you're excited for me to go on tour, and to... To finally go to America. Right?"

Her eyes sparkled. "Tell Louis I love him..."


"Stop running, Lou!" I heard a voice yell, followed by two pairs of pounding footsteps. "When I catch you, you're going down!"

Hesitantly, I stepped out of the BMW and onto the entrance to the empty runway, thanking the driver that had opened my door. The first thing I saw were two pairs of feet running behind the private jet and assumed that's where the voices were coming from.

"Thanks so much," I said again when the driver handed me my bags.

He smiled a wrinkly smile at me. "No problem, ma'am. Enjoy your trip."

I grinned and turned back around, the sound of footsteps getting louder and louder. When I turned around, my eyes widened and I quickly stepped backwards as a boy bound towards me with a surprised expression, almost running into me. I quickly knew it was Louis Tomlinson of One Direction and my breath caught in my throat.

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