The true meaning of Hate

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The word hate is misused

The meaning is vanished

Everyone has forgotten

The truth hidden under the word

The feelings wrapped around it

The shame

The displeasure

That special feeling that belonged to one another

Just vanished into thin air

And replaced with one so dark

So harsh

The one filled with violence, and threat

Is known as hate

Hate is a word that is not like any other

So powerful so strong

Gives you disrespect

Than it controls you

Drives you to insanity

Not even the strongest man can restrain

The power, it's cunning rays

You are powerless against it

With its hard nature making you so cold

It takes years to realize you were under it's control

It's callous with its red eyes

If only the human being

Could endure this inhumane dangerous feeling

It sends evil thoughts

Makes you do what you don't want

Make him Suffer is what it says

Kill Him it continues Make him pay

No one can understand something so dark

Unless they've been in pain

Or cut down

Or have been broken down

From Someone that had had his fun

Till then will a human understand

How extremely abusive this feeling is

The true meaning of hate

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