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So, Harry wasn't lying when he said we should go on a 'date'. Well, date to the average person, 'nothing' to Harry.

Harry and I are currently at a really cute park. There are rustling autumn leaves flowing in the air, and the chilly winter breeze hits my pale skin as we walk through this gorgeous park. It looks empty, like a ghost town almost. Its just me and Harry. Well, then again, no one really goes to the park at 10PM. Yeah, 10PM. I didn't know I would spend so much time with Harry today. We went out at about 5PM, to go to Scarlett, and we've just been walking around London, looking into the designer stores and admiring the pretty views we both grew up with.

"Let's sit here" Harry says, sitting down on the green grass.

I sit down next to him. The view really is amazing here. Harry and I are sitting in front of a huge lake that goes around the park, and surrounding the lake is tall trees and beautiful flowers that glow under the shining moonlight.

"Okay, so question game?" I say.

"What's your favourite movie?" Harry asks me, looking at the view in front of us.

"Um, Mean Girls"

"Least favourite?"

"Twilight, definitely Twilight"

"But the dolls always watch Twilight?" Harry says.

"I hate it"

"It's not that ba-"

I'm cut off by the annoying ringtone coming from Harry's iPhone. He answers his phone, annoyed our game was interrupted for the billionth time.





"Alright, be there in twenty"

"We gotta go" Harry says, getting up.

"Where?" I ask.


| Zayn's Dollhouse |

Harry presses the button for the doorbell. Zayn's dollhouse looks almost identical to Harry's, but a bit smaller.

"Hey!" Zayn answers the door and I get my first glimpse of him. He's really good looking. Like really good looking. He has brown, luscious hair that is styled into a neat Quiff, to match his hair is a pair of beautiful brown eyes that remind you of melting chocolate. He's a bit shorter than Harry, but he's not that small.

"Hello, this is Holly" Harry introduces me. I wave.

"Ah, yes, this is the girl"

"The girl?" I ask, confused.

"Um, let's go inside" Harry says, nervously. What was all that about?

"Holly, Mina, my doll, is upstairs, you should meet her, Harry and I will be in the living room" Zayn says.

I nod and make my way upstairs. I open three doors heading to the wrong room, but on the fourth door I open, I see a girl sitting on a huge double bed, watching Pretty Little Liars. The room is smaller than our room in Harry's dollhouse. There's only one bed, Mina's. The TV is much better than the one we have, and her bed is huge, with curtains, drapes and everything.

"Um, hi?" Mina switches off the TV and turns around and I catch a real look at her. She has long strawberry blond, curly hair that stops at her shoulders and has huge crystal blue eyes. She's curvy, and she's also really tall.

"Oh, hi, I'm Holly, Harry's doll?"

"Oh, hey! Come sit!" Mina pats a spot on her bed, motioning for me to sit down. I sit down next to her, she seems very welcoming.

"So tell me about yourself, Holly"

"Um, I'm 18, originally from New York, moved to London when I was 2"

"What's your favourite sport?"

"Swimming. I love swimming, I've been a competitive swimmer since I was 4"

"Really? Me too!"

For another thirty minutes, Mina and I just talk about anything and everything. I can tell we're going to be really close. We've got a lot in common. Like, we both love swimming, we both hate muffins, we both hate Twilight, and our birthdays are even on the same day: 4th of January.

"Hey, where's the bathroom?" I ask Mina.

"Walk straight forward, then turn left, three doors down" Mina tells me.

"Okay, thanks, I'll be back in a bit"

I walk out of Mina's bedroom and follow her directions. I turn left, then turn the knob on a door I'm guessing will be leading to the bathroom, but it's not, and a scream of fear and mixed emotions leave my lips as I get the biggest shock of my life.

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