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( chapter twelve - party members only )


that night when macy arrived at home, her parents were out somewhere again with billy's room empty. the step-sisters assumed he was at a party, so they enjoyed the company of just the two of them inside the house.

max fell asleep silently and peacefully at around 8pm, with macy staying up until 11. she couldn't sleep until then. the thought of what will went through was indescribable, she would never relate to what he has went through. she didn't want to tell max yet, thinking it was wrong to hear the story from her.

that night will couldn't sleep either. what he's been through has definitely traumatized him, causing him to have occasional episodes during his sleep. he tossed and turned in his twin bed, screaming for him mom.

joyce ran frantically into will's room, worry rushing through her blood with every step she took closer to his room. she noticed him tossing around, in desperate of comfort. she decided to lay down next to him, to comfort him as he fell asleep sound in her arms.

the heat in his room caused his body to perspire, but he was in a deep sleep to even care about it at this point.

the next morning, joyce awoke from her sleep next to her son. she felt the heat from his forehead in the palm of her hand when she touched him, and wondered why he was like this.

worry and anxiety washed over the woman, resulting in her attempting to come in contact with chief jim hopper through the hawkins police number.

joyce held the phone up to her right ear, her other arm up against the wall in frustration. this was about the fifth time joyce has tried calling the line for hopper.

"hawkins police." florence, the desk lady in the police department, answered joyce's call.

joyce sighed, "flo, it's joyce again."

"oh, hi, joyce. listen i gave him your message—" florence replied in disappointment.

"he's still not there?" joyce cut off flo. the woman was completely desperate to speak with chief hopper for some kind of help.

"no, but-"

joyce interrupts flo, who kept her patience, "did he get any of my messages from yesterday? did you give—"

"yes, do you wanna talk to—"

"no, no i need hopper. just tell him to call me the second he gets in. please. thank you." joyce slams the phone to end the call.

will's footsteps were heard from joyce, walking in as if he were a very tired zombie. he sent his mother a half-smile, sitting down at the kitchen table.

"macy! wake up! let's make ourselves food." max began to shake macy in her own bed, where she was sound asleep.

macy groaned in response, "it's so early though. five minutes? ten?"

"zero minutes. we're going to be late if you sleep in more. get up!" max started to jump constantly on her step-sister's bed. macy gave in and sat up against her headboard, satisfying her sister in waking her up.

"jesus christ fine. just let me change first, you dork." macy lightly punched her sister in the arm, chuckling.

macy stretched her arms up in the air once she stood up, walking over to her closet. she stood in front of the clothes that hung in front of her. she contemplated whether wearing her forest green overalls or her flower dress.

she decided on wearing a red and dark green striped tank top, tucked into her jean shorts that ended right above her knee. she then topped the whole outfit off with her thick, brown leather belt that was too big for her own waist, so she had to fold it down.

last but not least, she took the last accessory off of her dresser and examined the piece. it was a long, gold-like key necklace.

this was the last necklace she had received before her mother left the family. macy was close with her mother. keyword, was. before the accident happened, which changed her life forever.

she sighed down at the accessory, placing it around her neck and smiling down at it.

"macy hurry up!" max yelled from the kitchen, making macy roll her eyes and laugh.

she grabbed her backpack and threw it over her shoulder, running out of her room in her socks and to where max was.

"so where'd you go yesterday?" max questioned macy.


"yesterday. i just said it," max spoke sarcastically with a chuckle. she cut a piece of her pancake and ate it.

"no duh," macy replied, "when yesterday?"

"after what happened with will." max stood up and placed her dirty dishes into their sink. billy left to go to school early, wanting to get away from taking the two to school, and their parents were already at work.

"just went to buy some stuff and came back. no biggy," macy shrugged with her lie, not wanting to explain will's story without his or joyce's permission.

max nods and ties her shoelaces, "let's get to school, shall we sister?"

"why, of course, sister." macy smiled.

macy hopped onto her personal bike and began pedaling, her backpack on her back as she moved. max skated down the road on her skateboard, the wind blowing through their hair.


no one was in the byers residence at the moment. the house was quiet, no creak or sounds. the house phone begins ringing, no one picking up the call. the call went straight to voicemail.

"hey, you've reached the Byers. we're sorry—"

"dammit!" mike slams the school phone back to end it, stomping off angrily away to find his peer group.

lucas notices mike jogging his way back to the group. "anything?"

"we need to talk. av room. right now." mike announced to his friends, hopping up the stairs and opening the school door.

max and macy both stood up from where they were sitting on the school's front steps. mike noticed the girls' actions and immediately stopped them, "party members only."

"but why? i wanna know what's happening too." macy says to mike.

"you didn't even know will until two weeks ago. you don't deserve to know what's going on." mike argues.

dustin looks up at his best friend with disappointment in his eyes, "come on mike."

"no! this is non-negotiable." mike flails his arms in defense.

mike walks into the school with no problem, making macy cross her arms in front of her chest and max send him a glare.

"sorry guys." dustin spoke to the redheads.

"sorry." lucas also apologizes.

"don't worry. i'm not surprised." macy sarcastically remarked, making dustin and lucas feel bad about mike leaving them out.

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