Chapter Five-"Mission Get Cool"~Part Two

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~Dedicated to those who have two left feet~

Chapter Five-"Mission Get Cool"~Part Two

Parties were never my thing. I remembered once, when I was six, Kaley the prettiest girl in kindergarten was having a ballerina party and everyone had to dress up like they were going to the Swanlake. My mother helped me get dressed and obviously she thought that I’d make the best princess ever, what she didn’t know was that Kaley was the only one who was supposed to be a princess and well, the party ended in tears from both princesses.

Teenage parties were to say the least…different. Loud music, dark rooms and tons of alcohol which would take days just to get rid of the smell; there was dancing and kissing and tons of people hooking up in parents’ bedrooms and of course there would be mishaps with the cops. So you can see why I never really thought that parties were my sort of thing?

Don’t get me wrong, Juliet got invited to tons of parties and of course she’d always extend the invitation to me but I mean…really? Me in my baggy jeans and bulky shirts, thick glasses and bad hair, was I really going to embarrass myself by pitching up at a party where no one would even notice me and the only fun I’d be having was serving people drinks?

Except, here I was, standing in front of the house of Chris Martin, the school’s football captain and senior hot shot and of course with my luck, Jessica’s ex-boyfriend. Chris’s house was huge, and I’m talking about ‘I own a mansion that resembles a White House’ huge. Three storeys high, with lights all over the place, music that could be heard throughout the whole neighbourhood and crowds of people that looked as if they were at some celebrity VIP party.

My jaw dropped.

“Vivienne, why do you look so shocked?” Amanda asked, tugging at my arm and leading me towards the front door.

Sean turned around and smirked, “She hasn’t been to a party before.”

Juliet rolled her eyes in response, “She chooses not to go.”

Amanda turned to me, ignoring Juliet and Sean, “Well trust me Vivienne, the parties that I’ve been to back at my school makes this one look like a sleepover in comparison.”

“What parties have you been to?” I asked in shock.

Amanda giggled, “Oh you know.”

I waited for her to continue but she didn’t. Who was Amanda really? Was she some slutty girl in love with Sean or was she a creepy rich girl who thought that diet Coke tasted better than regular? Or maybe she was just a regular teenager that actually knew what kissing boys felt like? The most probable thing that made sense was that I was just making excuses to not really focus on the fact that we were getting dangerously closer to the front door of mansion.

Breathe, calm yourself down and breathe Viv. It’s just a regular party; you know the kind with teenagers from school and maybe some from college. The type where girls get to sleep with their boyfriends because it’s a stranger’s house and their parents won’t ever find out, unless the girl gets pregnant and then of course there would be major problems and tears and-

The door swung open.

“Sean! My man and I see you brought ladies,” Chris Martin shouted.

Chris Martin was extremely big. Not in a Kung-Fu wrestler sort of huge, just really big muscles that could crush you into a pulp if he tried to hug you huge. In a way, he was a lot like his house, really big. Chris had dark hair, brown and gelled back sexily with amazing blue eyes that were his secret to getting girls. Don’t ask me how I knew this but I blame Juliet. The girl knew everyone’s story.

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