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Started; February 2nd 2018
Finished; September 6th 2018


"You're more blind now then you were before."

A story in which a judgemental, stuck up prick of a jock looses his eyesight because of a head injury in a football game he shouldn't of even attended.

His teammates and friends? Are now his bullies.
The boy he used to bully? His new best friend.
His girlfriend? Someone who was just using him for his popularity.

A girl who helped him when he was at his lowest point? The love of his life.

Annie kept her distance from the popular people and the parties. Even if she was the richest person in the school, that doesn't make her a snob.
Luke never really payed attention to girls other than there physical features... but her voice is just so pretty he can't stay away.

{Contains strong language, mild mention of drug use, insensitivity}

Annie's old school, she likes Vinyls and Books and old movies.
With her parents always away on business trips, she only has her Nanny, Carla, in her life.
She's always had burning hatred for the stereotypical Jocks in her school, but she can't help pity the best one; who's head injury caused him to go blind.


Everybody loved Luke Hemmings.
Even himself.
Now he absolutely despised the person he used to be.
Yet he also hates the walking stick and crappy sunglasses he now wears. He doesn't know if they're crappy, but his whole life's gone to crap so they're probably crap too.


Hello! After finishing
(please go check it out!)
I've started this new Luke fic.
I'm not very good at introductions but trust me I have a lot of ideas for this book and I'm so excited to write it.

Thank you for choosing this and if you do enjoy it please comment and vote.

If you don't like it, please let me know ways I can improve to make it good for everyone. I'm still new to writing and trying my best to improve my skills and I hope this book compels you.

As Luke will be getting bullied for his disability their will be some insensitive jokes, if this does upset please don't read, but honestly they won't be that bad.

I won't be writing from Luke's perspective, obviously, so it will mostly be third person but maybe Annie as well :)

Again I'd like to mention their will be insensitive jokes about him being blind- mostly just someone saying 'blindy' or something like that- but if that does upset you please don't read.

Otherwise I'm so excited to write this book, I'll try and upload a new chapter as often as possible but as I'm getting older school is getting harder and I do want to well in my exams and what not.

I hope you enjoy!

Thank you!

A xx

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