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After the High Priest died, Luewd from the underworld take over the west. The temple and plains of the west became plains of ruins and there the battle started. The Aramean’s rebuilt the temple at the west plains, where magician and sages lived. The few priests and healers were saved and been evacuated at the magician’s town.

At the kingdom of Zion...

Slyth the AB-royal of the King snatched its sword and he slowly crept in the Royalty’s room. Then he found the King in deep in slumber and all at once he slayed the King, with his sword. He thought the King was already dead but the king grabbed his sword and spoke

"Slyth... you trai...itor! " the King shouted in anger,  then he raised his sword above and a beam of light went up the sky as he shouted "XYLAN!"


"The King!"  Rhune, Leon & Alphurfa, the three guardians shouted in unison.

And at one splash Leon and Alphurfa arrived  at the king's court!

"Alphurfa!" Leon shouted as he landed with his Pegasus.

"Leon! The King!" Alphurfa replied and terrified as He saw the king lying on his own blood.

"Slyth! He’s the traitor!" Leon said in anger as he saw Slyth beside the king holding his sword.

"The king died? What should we do? The kingdom will be endangered! The two worlds!"  Rhune cried  in tremble as he arrived and saw the scene.

"NO! These should not happen! Not the worlds!" Then Alphurfa raised his staff.

"Alphurfa! What are you doing!" Rhune shouted and ran towards the magician.

"saved the kingdom and protect the east..."  Alphurfa said as he smile and casted a spell.

"NO! You shouldn’t sacrifice yourself!" Leon shouted as came rushing to Alphurfa but he failed, the magician already casted the spell. Then a great light covered the kingdom and went straight through  the east and covered the whole place.  The light became thicker and magically became a shield to the whole Zion and the Valley at the east.

"Give my silver ring to Liana the mage, the wife of the Armor bearer and find the Silversmith he has the key and the prince!" That was Alphurfa last words before he vanished.

Together with Alphurafa’s disappearance the King also vanished leaving only the Talisman inside an orb which was floating.

-          Daddy, why happened to the Prince? And why does the King vanished too?"



So short prologue, please help me with this. I do need your feedbacks before  i continue.