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JakePaul: What are you doing?? 

AlissaViolet: What am I doing? What are you doing!!! 

JakePaul: Alissa why do you have to go around dissing me, is this because of the views? 

AlissaViolet: You think everything is about the views jake

JakePaul: No, I know you are doing this for the views you always are

AlissaViolet: You are so pathetic, this is about me fighting back

JakePaul: You were just looking for the opportunity to get  views and now with Alessandra you did 

AlissaViolet: You shaded me in "Its Everyday bro" so I dissed you in my song 

JakePaul: That was different, It only had one part shading you but the rest was about me, you made an entire song shading me 

AlissaViolet: It's not shading if it is a direct hit on you. I roasted you

JakePaul: I am  not the pathetic one, you  couldn't even do it yourself, you had to drag Rice in because if  you did it alone you wouldn't get  any views 

AlissaViolet: Why don't you  understand, I didn't do it for  the views

JakePaul: Yes you did, stop lying to yourself

AlissaViolet: You are such an Egotistical Dick  

JakePaul: If I am why did you hook up with me? 

AlissaViolet: Get over self it was a huge mistake. My biggest regret.

JakePaul: You ruined my friendship with Alessandra 

AlissaViolet: You  had no friendship to begin with and you  did that yourself 

JakePaul: You will regret messing with me, you  will pay for this

AlissaViolet: No you  will pay for this Jake 

JakePaul: How so? 

AlissaViolet: Because I  have the  2nd Verse 

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