Chapter 5: Broken Lockette

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Danielle's POV:

It's been a week since I got here and to tell you the truth I kinda liked it well except for the fact girls give you this killer glare everyday and they have weird names for their group but all in all I love it and I'm just glad that so far everything is perfectly fine.

Trying to familiarize myself since Knight was out and he gave me permission to go out because he knows I'm not good at directioners. The neighborhood is creeping me out and all I can see is trees and more trees and I think I'm sorta lost.

Damn! No Signal! just great I should have stayed home and watched TV. I think I missed my turn and now I'm in the middle of no where and Knight is gonna kill me when he finds out that I'm lost. Ok! Danielle Lockette Everdyn you can do this all we need it to find someone and ask directioners, Well that is if I find someone!

Good thing I brought my bow and arrow and some spare clothes just to keep me safe. I walk deeper into the wood and after how many hours I saw a big white house. I'm saved! but why there is a big house in the middle of no where.

Well at least I can ask for directioner and some water maybe since I've been exhausted from my search. I was about to knock when I heard a growl followed by a human scream.

I went to find where the growl and the scream came from after minutes of walking I saw a guy, I think his in the age of twenty five, who is injured and covered with his own blood and I also saw wolves! I mean big wolves and they are so many and they are surrounding the guy

I climbed up a tree to have a better look I also tried my best not to make a sound or else I'm doomed. I count the wolves and geez there are alot of them. I turn to the guy who is not scared at all, I mean if I were surrounded by these animal I'll be dead by now but to it's not.

What shocked me most is when the wolf turned to human and not just any human, guys about my age and wearing boxers only I mean I cover my mouth to make sure I'm not gonna scream. I mean I even slap myself just to make sure I'm not imagining stuffs.

I took my cellphone out and to my bad luck it fell down but the good thing it landed on a grass so it didn't make any noise.

I was about to jump when I heard a growl I turn around I saw a golden brown wolf followed by four more wolves. The golden brown must be there leader and what confuses me most is that when the man saw their leader he just gave him a smirked.

The man is creepy, he is not afraid of death. The golden brown wolf keeps on growling on him and the guy laughed " Why should I tell you? I'm not telling you! anything" the guy said.

Ok! did he just talked to the wolf? He can understand the wolf! Me must be crazy! that's right he is. I can see the wolf is getting pissed so the wolf bit the guy which cause he to scream and some blood came off. I tried not shout or else I'm so dead.

" Is that all you got!?" the guy said and smirked. The five wolves looked at each then second passed the five wolves turned into a human and not just any human but the four wolves turn into Darylle, Kyle, Trevor and, Jaden I was shocked but what shocked me most is that the golden brown wolf turned into Knight.

Knight is a wolf and he didn't tell me or is this the one? the one he was about to tell when we went shopping? the moment we I saw him shifted I lost my balance and fell of tree, screaming.

Xander's POV:

The moment I shift into my human form we heard a scream and something fell and I was shocked it wasn't something but someone and not just any someone but Lockette! As she stands up, she picked up her phone and stared at us with sadness, shocked but most of all fearness.

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