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LoganPaul: I made this group chat so we can discuss the End of Jake Paul 

AlissaViolet: Someone should  have ended that kids a long time ago 

Alessandra_Litstorm: I totally agree "Its everyday bro" totally  shaded you 

WhyDontWeOffical: We need  to think of a good name first 

LoganPaul: The End of Jake Paul 

AlissaViolet: Too Tacky 

WhyDontWeOffical: Jake Paul Sucks? 

LoganPaul: It sounds like I just copied Jake so nah

Alessandra_Litstorm: I GOT  IT 

WhyDontWeOffical: WHAT

LoganPaul: TELL ME NOW

AlissaViolet: Spill right now!!! 

Alessandra_Litstorm: The Fall Of Jake Paul 

LoganPaul: That is  Perfect!!! 

AlissaViolet: I love you so much!! 

WhyDontWeOffical: We should hire you to come up with our song names 

Alessandra_Litstorm: Thanks, guys, I know what the first  few lines would be 

LoganPaul: It got to be  good 

WhyDontWeOffical: We have no doubt 

AlissaViolet: Jake is going to be roasted 

Alessandra_Litstorm: Little brother Jakey try to roast me? (what?) Little brother standing on his own two feet? (not for long) I'm a dog, you're a puppy, call you Kong (arf!) Let's talk about your garbage that you call a song (trash)

LoganPaul: I AM DYING

AlissaViolet: I AM ALREADY DEAD 


LoganPaul: Lets hit the studio to  make more fire if  that is possible 

Alessandra_Litstorm: Time  to be a rapper 

AlissaViolet: Time for Jake the Snake to Fall 

WhyDontWeOffical: The Fall Of Jake Paul 

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