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LoganPaul: Dude what is your problem 

JakePaul: Dude what is your problem 

LoganPaul: I don't have a problem but you sure seem too 

JakePaul: Why don't you tell me what my problem  is dear brother since you know me so well 

LoganPaul: Why are you  taking her Erika's side in this  she clearly insulted Alessandra I thought you cared for her bro 

JakePaul: I do care for Alessandra it's just that  Erika is my wife and no one was backing her up 

LoganPaul: First of all bro Erika is not your wife we both know that was a publicity stunt and second of all I thought you supported what is right. 

JakePaul: I thought you were my brother you should have backed me up 

LoganPaul: I don't back up people who are wrong jake I thought you knew me 

JakePaul: Logan stay out of this you aren't even involved 

LoganPaul: Yes I am this started with my comment, you are not the one involved 

JakePaul: I am involved  Erika is my wife therefore whatever  is her problem is mine

LoganPaul: Are you kidding me bro open your eyes you are wrong jake and so  is your "wife" 

JakePaul: Don't  mess me Lo 

LoganPaul: No you don't mess with me Jake 

JakePaul: You are on Paul 

LoganPaul: No, YOU are on Paul 

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