CH 2

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The three of us became fast friends, when I told Zayn and Liam who I was there was some shock, some stuttered 'Highness' but after we all talked over a beer the formalities all vanished and we became friends.

It was refreshing, most of the people I hung out with just wanted favors: a tit for tat, you scratch my back I'll scratch yours, but these guys didn't care. After joking around that they were going to use me for my money we just talked about normal stuff: sports, girls, jobs. The trip to Dunkirk was long so we had a long time to talk. At one point, when I was driving...sailing?...steering? the boat, I popped downstairs and found Zayn and Liam very close together but they scrambled away when I was coming down the stairs.

"I see Dunkirk!" Zayn called from the top deck a while later. I clambered out to stand next to him and sure enough Dunkirk could be seen as smudge on the horizon. "Liam since you're in the cabin can you pick up a bit to make sure we have enough room for everyone?" I called downstairs.

"Oh my god" I heard Zayn whisper. I turned to look in the direction he was looking and saw a warship overfilling with soldiers making its way back to Britain. My heart sank, each of the faces were so grim and defeated, as if they'd never feel hope again. "Can't this boat go any faster?" I asked Zayn who shook his head who was still 'driving' "She's giving it all she's got, Captain."

"Oh, shite" Liam whispered. Zayn and I turned to look in the direction he was facing and we saw several black specs in the sky. "Get down!" I said and all three of us went into the cabin of the boat. I opened the closet door that held the life jackets just in case as we all watched the German planes get closer and closer.

A British warship, which was docked in Dunkirk, tried to pull away but we watched it get blown apart. "Quick, I see people jumping into the water!" I said as I stood up. Liam grabbed my arm and pulled me down "The Germans aren't gone yet!"

" you see that?" Zayn asked on the other side of the boat "I think there are people hiding in that ship!" We went to Zayn's side and saw a beached ship but inside there were shadows moving since the light was hitting it just right. The problem though was that the ship was being reclaimed by the sea and a lot of little holes could be seen in the ship's hull.

"Go toward that ship the people inside are going to be trapped!" I said "Louis some British soldiers are drowning over there, what if those are French or even Germans?" Zayn pointed out. "A life is a life and if they are Germans...well let's just hope they don't kill us if they get on this boat. Plus there are dozens of ships behind us, they can rescue the people from the warship since most of them have lift vests. We don't know the situation of the people inside that ship though" I replied. Liam nodded and went outside to steer my boat toward the beached ship.

When we got close to the beached ship, which was half underwater at this point, I put down the water ladder so the swimming/drowning people can get on my boat easier. I have to admit I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw British uniforms climbing onto my boat.

"Lads there are biscuits and other snacks, I also have water bottles so please help yourself" I said as I helped Zayn and Liam get all of them onto my boat "I also have some towels but I only have four so you'll need to share."

"Thank you so much" "Mate you saved our lives" "I thought we were going to die here" were just some of the thanks I got as the soldiers climbed on board. One of them stood out though, he had green eyes with medium brown hair, he had a look about him though that I could only call regret. He thanked me for saving him and then went to go sulk in a corner. I glanced back at him but had to go back to helping people get on my boat. "Ok we've got everyone, take us home Zayn" I said as I passed out water and biscuits. The mood was somber, grim even, even though we were heading back home.


I sat in the bedroom of my boat, alone, since there wasn't even room on my boat to stretch your arms but everyone agreed that since this was my boat I should still have my bedroom. Liam and Zayn were helping the soldiers and navigating us back home so I was really just getting in the way if I was being honest.

I was laying on my bed, staring at the ceiling, for the first time this entire trip I had a chance to think about what I did and the amount of trouble I'd be in when I got back. I turned over with a groan, I'd be lucky if I wasn't sent back home to Doncaster or be ordered to 'evacuate' to Canada where my mom and sisters were currently living.

I got up and stepped out of my room, heading into the bathroom, I walked in on a guy peeing. I gasped as I saw his large personal rifle, I don't even know why my eyes went down there. "Oops" I stuttered out, going red. "Hi" he said, confidently, not even trying to cover himself. I closed the door and tried not to make eye contact with any of the soldiers before walking back into the bedroom.

A few moments later the green eyed soldier entered my bedroom and closed the door behind him. "Sorry about that mate" I said. "I saw the way you were looking at me, let's skip all the silly games and just get right to it" he said, taking off his army jacket. "I...umm...err...I'm Louis" I said, saying the first thing that came to mind as the green eyed soldier undid his pants. "Ok" was all he replied. I was speechless as he climbed into bed with me and my body just went with it when he started kissing my neck. "I am in fact, straight!" I protested. He hesitated but when my body didn't even try to move or push him away he just said "Ok" and went back to kissing my neck, a cheeky hand already trailing down my chest.

AN: I'd usually write out any smut scenes that happen in my stories but this is only chapter two and I don't want this story to get flagged already. So...I guess I'll just describe it to you? Or something? Never had to do this before...ok so...there wasn't a lot of fluff since they are strangers but it was raw and powerful as Harry was insane. He was the bottom but he was the one in control, riding Louis as Louis laid on his back. Afterwards they spooned and fell asleep...or at least Louis did


I woke up to voices speaking and raised my head to discover my bed was empty. I tried to sit up but had to go slowly, still sore from the demon I slept with. I got dressed and opened my door, surprised to see that the soldiers were disembarking.

When the soldiers saw me, many of them thanked me again but I didn't see the one with green eyes anywhere. "He was the first one off" Zayn replied when I asked him where he was. "Oh, ok" I said, I didn't even get his name.

"Louis Tomlinson, your uncle would like to see you" a voice said. "I'll call you guys" I said to Liam and Zayn, giving them some cash so they can catch a train or bus home. Before following Frederick to a car that was waiting for me. As we walked through the crowd, I looked for the green eyed soldier again but never saw him again.

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