Loving Apollo - I thought you love me!

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 Chapter Three

           “You can’t do that.”

           Tears were already blurring my vision when I watched Cal sigh. His predictable reaction of nothing was greatly vanquished by grim. Somehow, I miss his expression of naught.

           “You’re going back to where?” I wasn’t exactly aware that my voice had been hoarse due to the production of sad tears, but now I was, and a lump had been stuck dry in my throat.

           He pocketed his hands – a gesture already familiar to me. “Back to where I truly belong. My father had summoned me. I was told I’m being significantly negligent a-and—foolish, the exact word he used. He was right.”

           “You’re going to leave me?” I asked, words were barely coming out of my mouth. “It’s not right. I-I still haven’t give you any answer. You’re not yet supposed to leave me.”

           “Exactly the main point, Ariadne.”

           I snorted almost inaudibly. “So that’s it? You’re going to leave and you just expect me to forget about you and get on with my life.”

           With not much grim, he nodded. “That is the plan.”

           Going down to a sitting position, I crossed my arms around my legs, having completely unaware of what to say next – or what to even think. It was not funny. None of what’s happening to me was. I wanted a simple life – yet I was offered immortality. I wanted a simple boyfriend – but I was given a picture perfect God. So much for getting the life you want, eh?

           Never have I ever really been dumped. So in truth, I really didn't know what I was feeling.

           “Say something, Ariadne. I beg of you.”

           Surely even, cold tears had sprung out from my miffed eyes. Bringing my hand up, I managed to wipe them off before he could even see it. “I thought you love me.”

                                      *                                            *                                            *

           Bryan leant forward, hands on my shoulder, wounded worry in his chocolaty brown eyes. “What happened next?”

           Shrugging – an act that I had pulled so many times throughout the whole conversation – I sighed again, for the last time. “I ran away.”

           He looked sad – a little too sad actually. More than I was and more than he should be. I opted not to ask him about it. Probably because his Greek God crush was never to show again.

           Another poignant sigh had come out of my lips. That was the last time I saw Cal. No sign of him anywhere. No breakfasts. No morning rides. No picnics in the clearing. It had been three days already and the only thing that was left to me was a huge pile of questions – both from me and from people who knows him, asking where he had gone to and why wasn’t he going to school. I don’t really have an answer for that.

           Pasta carbonara with garlic bread hadn’t been that appealing to me the past three days. I had always been a glutton, apparently, not this time.

           “You know what?” Bryan put his hand over mine. “It’s Friday and we’re going out tonight.”

           Putting on my best glower, I zeroed in on him. “Your treat?”

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