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Onnica's POV 

As I dressed, I looked at my suitcase solemnly. I hadn't yet made a decision as to where I would go, but there was something I had decided about, I was going, I was leaving Monte Carlo. No, I was leaving Monaco! I could sense that a tornado was coming and I couldn't stand and wait for it. I needed to get as far away as possible from Max and his niece, as far away from Jesse as possible. 

I put on my heels and looked at myself in the mirror. How I hated those bloody shoes, but I had no choice. I had to look formal. A bland face stared back at me. There was nothing interesting about it, apart from the huge dark scars of course. I mentally screamed, visions of that fateful day coming back to me. Sometimes, they felt so real, just like the dreams. I shook myself to the present. I had to get to work and act as normal as possible. If Max knew I was planning on leaving, he would try and stop me. He would ask me questions I would not be able to answer. 

I normally walked to work and that day was not an exception. After grabbing my suitcase and bag, I headed out of my apartment. I walked for a few blocks, thinking of how much money I needed and how many months I would have to work to save up. Just a single month's salary could afford me a plane ticket to, say, Japan, and I would be left with some to spare. However, if I didn't get a job in less than two months, there was no way I was going to survive. 


The screeching of tires entered my rather occupied mind. 

"Excuse me; can't you see that the light is red?" 

A rough voice entered my ears, bringing me back to reality. Indeed the light was red and I was in the middle of the road. Feeling guilty, I turned to apologize. I froze the moment my eyes saw that familiar face from years ago. I couldn't move. There was no expression on his face, except anger. He didn't know. He didn't remember! 


I walked away hastily. My legs felt so heavy I dragged the heels, making me stumble on the uneven pavement. That bloody murderer didn't know! He just sat there and watched me as if it was the first time he saw me. 

"Beats me what he saw in her". 

...His exact words. I remembered them like it was yesterday. Marcus, that girl had called him. I had later learned that he was Josh's right-hand man. According to the tabloids, they were inseparable. Five years hadn't erased the pain, and he had forgotten? Had Josh forgotten too? My hand went to my face. Who would forget doing something like that to another person, unless that person was a cruel son of a ... 

"Morning Onnica", the guard halted my thoughts. 

"Morning", I said as I walked in to the lift, which was open thanks to a bunch of men who had just exited it. I was thankful to the guard for halting my thoughts, because I couldn't simply walk to my desk with the look of disgust that had been plastered on my face. That would have garnered a lot of questions I was in no mood of answering. 

I muttered my greeting to Lisa as I got out of the lift and walked to my desk. Jesse and April were still not in, I noticed. I secretly hoped April did not come in at all; my day could simply do without her. 

I had almost got my butt on my chair when Max walked in and gestured for me to follow him. There wasn't even a greeting, I noticed, as I dumped my handbag on the floor beside my chair and followed him. 

"Close the door", he said curtly. 

I didn't bother to look at him. There was this aura in the office and I instantly knew something wasn't right. I didn't need his facial expression to prove it. Did he know about my plan? 

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