The Last Chapter

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Many days have passed. Jimin, however regreted what he said to seulgi. He shouldn't have pushed her away.

He thought that maybe he can say sorry and fight for her again.

But this time, everything is true. No more fake love.

Luckily, bts and red velvet will be attending the award show tonight.

He can talk to seulgi.

But unfortunately he wasn't.

He can only stare at her during their performance. He can only stare at her like it's forbidden to talk to her at all. He can only stare at her like it's a crime falling inlove.

He just keeps on complimenting her on every single thing that she do.

Just like before.

It's more dangerous than ever. They were avoiding rumors. But even though, fans always caught them staring awkwardly at each other.

Because they thought they have been perfectly avoiding each other

But they forget their eyes speak.

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