Chapter 11

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Hello everyone!
Just a little warning, there will be a bit of sexual content in this chapter. It is nothing explicit and it is kind of important for the story... You have been warned!


A few hours earlier...

Alex POV.

Oh my God! What the hell were those pictures? So Sandra did spend the night at my place. The last thing I recall is falling asleep on the sofa! Nothing happened. I don't even remember seeing her after she had disappeared into the kitchen.

I never look at gossip websites, they are full of crap and they don't say anything but bullshit! But after Emily called me I checked it out and saw what they wrote about her crying and Sandra stepping out of my apartment.

I felt like shit basically because this has caused a lot of pain to Emily. She didn't deserve this. I have caused her nothing but heartache. All I wanted to do is go to her and pull her to my chest and protect her from the world. I just wanted to comfort her. I longed to have her in my arms again.

I made up my mind, I was getting her back! Tonight!

My phone started ringing in my hand again. I looked down to see my father's number. Oh great, that's exactly what I needed now.

"Yes?" I answered not even bothering with the formalities.
"So you decided to finally come back to your senses son!"
"What the hell are you talking about?" Was he drunk or something?
"I just saw those pictures on the internet. I am so glad you and Sandra are back together."
"We are not! What's being said is a complete lie!"
"What was she doing outside your apartment then?" He asked.
"She came over last night and I fell asleep on the sofa ignoring her presence, I woke up this morning and she was not there, I don't know when she left!"

My father started laughing. He really did! What the hell was wrong with him? I was already pissed beyond reason and if we continue with this conversation it is going to end badly.

"Sure son whatever you say." He started to laugh again.
"Look I don't care what you think but this isn't going to pass just like that. I will have the people who fabricated this crap punished."
"Is it such a bad thing if you got back with Sandra?"
"Yes it is! I love Emily!"
"That girl left you!"
"Yes but I will get her back!" I said. I am sure of it!
"You will do no such thing Alexander!" My father hissed.
"Just leave me alone!" I said as I hung up the phone.

Ok, time to kick some ass. I dialed my assistant Anthony's number.

"Anthony. Find out who published those pictures of Emily on the internet tonight, I want to speak to them personally!" I ordered through the phone. "Oh yeah, and before I forget, call the pilot and make sure the royal jet is ready ASAP to take me to Scotland!"

So there I was a few hours later... Knocking on Emily's door...

Emily POV

I could not believe my eyes, what was Alex doing here? It has only been a few hours since I spoke to him on the phone. I mean ok, he was a prince, they had a private jet, but why did he come?
I was just standing there like an idiot when Johnny decided to break the silence.

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