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"a person who has run away, especially from their family or an institution"

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Hey everyone! This is another story made by yours truly called Runaway! For the first time, I am doing a Stranger Things story and I'm soooo excited to do it!

Obviously this will be a Mike Wheeler story. I mean, guys, the title says it all! And also, I do not own any of the characters except for Claudia Parker! The rest are all claimed by the Duffer Brothers!

p o i n t s

ONE | I update whatever days I'm not busy, mostly the weekends. I'm still in school guys.

TWO | This will be a short story with a lot of dialogue since it is mostly phone calling...or as I like to put it for this story; WALKIE TALKIE CALLINGGG (because the iPhone 8 was not made then guys!)

THREE | Yes, this is a Mike Wheeler story. It's a story that includes young teenagers! Meaning, no smut will be included in this! (Not like I've written smut for any of my stories) That is just utterly disgusting! I still don't understand why people are sexualising these smol beans!

FOUR | This story is set in season 1 of Stranger Things and will not be following the storyline! Sometimes it will!

FIVE | italics = Claudia, bold = Mike

SIX | Now this story is going to be different. Each chapter there will be the walkie talkie calling and the other half is going to be normal writing about what Claudia is doing. Just so you guys have brief idea of what's happening.

s y n o p s i s

"Will? Will, can you hear me? Over."


"Why aren't you picking up? Over!"

"Probably because this isn't Will. Over."

"Then who is this? Over."

"Claudia. Over."

"Did you just say Claudia? Over."

"...Yeahhhh? Over."

"Claudia as in my best friend who's been missing? Over."

"I wouldn't say missing. More like the one who ran away. Over."

"W-Why? Where have you been? What are you doing? Are you okay? Why do you have Will's walkie talkie? Over."

"I just found it. It was left on the ground near his house. Over."


 "Oh no. I-I mean, I uh have to go! Over and Out!"


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