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j o h n n y


Hours have passed by, the sound of men shouting out some weird codes for surgery is audible and I'm right outside of her surgery room. All of a sudden mackenzie is wheeled out and she looks somewhat alive, her eyes are opened and she's breathing properly.

I gasp and follow the doctors immediately and realise they're putting her back into her room, they speak to her and write down some notes then allow me to enter. I shakily walk into her room, why am I nervous?

Oh that's right, where we left off wasn't exactly great.

She looks up at my figure and widens her eyes, I shut the door and scoot my chair closer to her bed. She shakes her head and pats the edge of her bed, indicating I sit there. I shrug and take a seat, the bed moves a little but it's back to normal.

"So," I start off, looking into her brown orbs.

She stares back and raises her eyebrows. "How do you feel, Mackenzie?" I ask, hoping it'll lead to a somewhat productive conversation.

"I feel like I have just resurrected from the dead," I can't help but feel the corners of my mouth lift, she looks down at her lap and softly smiles.

"Okay I'm going to cut it short, Mackenzie I'm so sorry for what you had to go through. I had no idea you were even driving and you weren't responding to my texts so I said what I meant so it'll at least catch your attention. You shouldn't have even been in an accident and you wouldn't have been if I didn't send that text. So I'm sorry." I take a deep breath after spitting out my confession.

She processes the information and bites her lip, her eyes water and I widen my eyes. Did I say something wrong? "Wh-why did you send that message though? I know it wasn't just to grab my attention." She shakily spits out, I lock my eyes with hers.

"Because. Mackenzie Frances Ziegler, I am in love with you." I admit, and no I do not regret saying this.

It's true, I am in love with her. It might of taken me a while to realise but I finally have, i love her and nobody will ever top this queen. "Johnny, I don't know what to say. You hurt me, a lot. I'm starting to question why you even wanted me to be your 'fake girlfriend' in the first place." I nod, letting out an 'ahh' noise.

"In the beginning, it was actually to make nadia jealous, but then I realised you're basically the only girl who doesn't throw themselves at me, isn't desperate and loves my personality. You changed me for the better, Mackenzie. And then I realised I love you."

She wipes her eyes before any tears spill, and runs her fingers through her dirty blonde hair. "Johnny, I do too." She says, I raise my eyebrows, she does what too?

"What do you mean—" I was interrupted by the doctor entering.

"Sir, since mackenzie is awake we have to ask you to leave, go get your well needed sleep. You've been here for five days, she'll be here in the morning." I bite my lip and nod, Mackenzie says 'wait' and I turn around.

"You stayed, for real? Why did you do that?" She asks, and for the last time tonight I say the four words.

"Because I love you."



m a c k e n z i e


"Mackenzie Ziegler, you're able to go home today. Your mother has signed everything, do you have all your items packed?" I nod, running my hands down my jumper and leggings.

"Very well then, you may leave. It was a pleasure to be able to take care of you, tell that boy of yours to protect you so he won't have to be here anymore." The doctor jokes, I lightly chuckle and wave goodbye.

My mother waves at me and smiles, actually smiles. Are my parents finally looking into a mirror? "Let's go home, honey." I only nod and she leads me out to the car after she takes my things.

I stare out the window. The only subject that's on my mind is Johnny, he loves me. And I said that I didn't, which is a total lie. But I couldn't say it back, not yet at least. I'm still hurt even though him and I weren't together, he needs to regain my trust. So maybe friends for now, but further? Not really.

We pull up and my mother opens the door once we reach the front door, I walk in normally and jump once a chorus of 'SURPRISE' is shouted out, I hear party poppers being pulled and lights being switched on.

I look around and spot all my friends and family, but what surprised me the most was my sister. She came? I lock eyes with her and I smile, my eyes watering. I run up to her and attack her with a hug, wrapping my legs around her waist.

"I missed you so much, Maddie!" I sob onto her shoulder, she whispers 'same' and we stay like this for a good two minutes.

I hop off and hug everybody, saying hello and accepting all their kind words. We listened to music, danced and played some games. I had seen Johnny but I never properly said hello. I walked into the kitchen to grab some pretzels but somebody else had different plans.

They turn me around and slam their lips onto mine, I don't move my lips as I was shocked but stupidly, I wrapped my arms around their neck and slipped into a rhythm with them, feeling all types of tingles.

I pull away to catch my breath, i look up and realise it was johnny I was kissing. "Ok you've got to be kidding me!" He bites his lip, holding my hand and I surprisingly don't pull away.

"Can we talk?" I nod slowly and he leads me upstairs and into my bedroom. We take a seat at the edge of my bed and sit to face each other.

"Mackenzie, as you know I do have very strong feelings for you, but I need to know. Do you feel the same way? Do you feel the tingles and shocks?" I look up into his eyes, do I lie or tell the truth.

"Yes, john, yes I do. I'm in love with you, but that doesn't mean we're suddenly okay. I need time, and if you loved me you'd respect that. Sure, we could be friends but for now let me think. I'm recovering and maybe after I'm fully healthy, we could try for something real." I admit, his eyes water but he still manages to shoot me one of his adorable smiles which make me feel giddy.

"Of course, Kenzie. Friends it is, now want to go back down?" He says, I nod and hold his hand. We share a smile and walk down together.

For now, I'm satisfied with where we are.









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