Drama Chapter 7

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Heyy everyone I'm so sorry I haven't updated. But if you have noticed TODAY IS THIS BOOK'S FIRST ANNIVERSARY. Today this book turns 1 year old? Anyway this is my surprise for you all. I hope you like it.


3rd person POV

Inside the mansion of a The Heartfillias something was going on. More confused on what was going on the pink haired girl lay in the floor. The certain orange haired guy had just a few moment been on top of her. Stretching his hand he offered her help. "I-I'm sorry" the pink cotton candy haired girl stutter as she bowed in apology.

"No its fine. It was actually my fault" he murmur as he rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. "I should have check were I was going" he continued as he look down for a moment before looking at back up. "Its fine" she mumbled. "Where were you heading to before" he ask as he look at Aries.

"I was going downstairs" Aries look at her feet like they were suddenly the most interesting thing on earth. "Well then let's go" Loki smiled as he held her hand and guided her to the stairs. Nodding the pink haired girl walked beside him. Unknown to both if them a certain girl had watched this and it had made her very happy.

"OH MY GOD. YOU'RE ACTUALLY HERE" cried an excited voice as it threw itself into the arms of a blonde and orange haired boy. With a grin both boys wrapped their arms around the smaller girl. "Hey, how have you been" the blonde whispered in her ear. "Why didn't you tell us that you were coming" cried the dark haired bluenett.

"Surprise" questioned the orange haired boy with a confused smile. "I hate you both" laughed Wendy with a few tears in her eyes. She had always felt really close to both her brothers and had really missed them. To say she was happy was an understatement. She was delighted she thought nothing could make her day better.

"I see you two are still together" Loki raised his eyebrow. With a nod the purple haired boy look down. It wasn't that he wasn't on good terms with his girlfriend's elder brothers just that he felt like such a failure because he hadn't been there when she had needed comfort. "Yeah.." he mumbled.

"That's good. If you had broken her heart I would have track you down and put you 12 feet underground" grinned Loki putting an arm around the boy's neck. With a shudder Romeo kind of felt bad for his friends. 'Oh god, save them. I pray for them. I know they are idiots but they don't deserve to die like this' Romeo prayed looking to the ceiling.

"Sooo. Any gossip you two can give me" asked Sting as he guided his little sister to the couch and sat down. "Well.." Wendy look the other girl's way. They all shook their head and mouthed 'No'. "Well" asked Sting oblivious to the girls actions behind his back. "I heard that mom and dad are going to make some new rules for the school" Wendy blurted out the first thing she could think of.

Sting frowned at this. "But mom and dad are really carefree. What made them change" He questioned shaking his head. "Uhh.....some student's have been failing some classes" Mira backed her up. With a sigh the other 4 girls relaxed a little. "Really" mumbled Loki. "Yeah" murmur Erza in confirmation.

"Oh well. The last time I heard about you girls. I heard you were in some kind of relationships" smirked Sting turning to the other girls. Startled the other 4 girl's eyes widen in surprised. The expression quickly turned emotionless in a matter of seconds. "It would be better if you don't mention that" hissed Mira softly as she look away.

Sting's smirk quickly went away and was replaced with a frown. "Do we have to kill someone or something" murmur Loki with a wicked glint in his eye. With a shake of her head Lucy laughed softly trying to hide her sadness.

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