Chapter 7

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"What are you doing?!" They didn't answered and they launch at us with a swift punch knocking us over.

Since when did she learn how to do that?

I stood up and Cain's friends fight them off while Cain and I are fighting the killers.

"Why did they do that?" I asked Cain who's grunting.

"They're controlled. Ms. Pie dilated her lips when she was struggling talking and a small mark is on her neck which is blinking.

"Same with Professor, he was trying to warn us and his eyes shifted to the left. Means these asses are ready to shoot."

"Fuck. Thanks fo-"

Walter kicked my stomach and pulled my hair as I scream. But I hold onto his hands and flip him over with a loud crack. He screams.

"Damn Greene... " Cain widened his eyes finishing Desmond off.

Cain signals his friends to help the victims and then the two suspects sprinted away.

"Cain!" I shouted pointing at the direction they ran.


Without realizing, we were greeted by a dark grim corridor. Ghost-quiet. The eerie silence filled out ears. One light coming from the clouds. Dark blue. Not enough to light our surroundings.

I could still see outside raining heavily, and the clouds and the sky are gloomy and dim. Only the grim sky reflected the polished black and white checkered floor.

"Who are your mates?"

"Jackson and Simon. Both are skilled fighters and my gang."

"They better be."

"Trust me Greene. I've known them for so long they've worked with artists and supermodels in Hollywood. They keep themselves hidden in the dark. Still studying in the campus.

"We don't want to spread rumors and fangirl autographs. Its classified, they're unrecognizable when it comes to their work."


I dodged the bullet missing my head.

"For the love of god." Cain sprinted towards them dodging every bullet and he manage to caught the gun in his hands.

Struggling, I went to the second one. He was too quick and I couldn't follow his movements, ended up getting punched few times.

And he went away. Motherfucker!

I ran leaving Cain focusing on the runner. And Janna was holding Walter off same with Danny.

"Hold him off! He's mine!" I sprinted towards him and land my fist into his jaw as he screamed.

"ROT IN HELL!" He shouted as he stabbed Janna in the him and let out a grunt. But she manage to flip and smash him on the ground with a loud crack.

"Holy crap! J." Danny ran up to Janna who's grunting heavily. Just in time Cain and his friends run in.

"What's wrong?" Cain looked at Janna with concern.

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