XI : Silver

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Last night you were in my room,
And now my bed sheets smells like you.


Is this a date?

I'm going to assume it is.

I was sitting next to him in his limousines, he looked outside the window, looking so relaxed even though he just lost like ten of his mens.

"Are we going to be safe there?" I asked. "Last time i check your mens got murdered and i almost died along with Jon."

"It was an unexpected attack."

"What if they unexpectedly attack us again?"

"But we expect them this time, i got my mens inside already, almost everywhere, you'll be fine."

   "Jon said something about castle, you own a castle, sir?" King Peter, of house Parker.

   He chuckled. He chuckled? Wow, that was so adorable. "I bought it for Pepper's birthday, but she cried because Tony already bought her ten castle, so i got to keep it."

A castle for a birthday.

   No one even buy a chicken nuggets for my birthday.

"Sir? Don't i have to be 18 at least to get in there?" I kept asking, hope he won't get annoyed.

"That's when my money step in."

"Money is very useful." I love money.

"It can buy everything."

"Not happiness."

"Well, it sure aint make you sad, right?"

I pouted because he had a point. "Well, they can't buy love."

"I think they can."

"They can buy lovers for a night but not love. Like you can't buy me to stay, i'm staying with you right now because I decided so."

"You know i'm not forcing you to stay, right? If you feel uncomfortable i can send you back." He looked very worried. Hey, don't get it all wrong.

"I'm under the target of your enemies and live without a vacation for years, las vegas is a good idea."

When was the last time i went on a trip? So many years ago, at some beach, with mum and Jason, not dad, it's not like i've seen his face.

We arrived, he got out of the car to open the door for me. Oh, damn, what a marvelous place.

These Vegas lights reflected with my eyes, shining up my very soul. Is this what it's like being near him, I don't even want to leave.

"So pretty..." I whispered.

"You're prettier." He simply told me, what a liar.

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