15 | To Get To You

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With a sigh she slumped down onto her sleeping bag, the only thing protecting her from the cold concrete floor. In a time like this a simple thing such as a sleeping bag was a luxury to have. She had been lucky to come across one in an abandoned car a few days prior.

A metal filing cabinet blocked the door, keeping her safe for the night as she settled. The window was too high from the street to be a danger, another reason why she had chose this room to take refuge in. She didn't know how many more of them lurked in the large building, trapped behind many doors, starving for some human flesh.

She lay down, moving her gun closer beside her on the cold concrete floor as her hand wrapped around the chain that hung loosely around her neck.

Lucas. He was the reason she was still alive. They had found each other when shit hit the fan at the beginning. He had protected her and taught her how to survive in the new world. She didn't know when but it happened, she fell in love.

And, now he was gone. Separated after their last trip to gather supplies backfired.

It had been the both of them for a long time, never trusting others due to past experiences of getting robbed and beaten. Aurora felt lost without him, she wasn't used to being on her own but over the weeks she learned to adapt. She no longer had anyone to watch over her back, she was constantly wary of her surroundings.

She lay down, using her rucksack as a pillow as she closed her eyes, the image of his beautiful smile filling her mind. God, she missed him. She ignored the knot at the back of her throat as she bit her lip, refusing to cry once again.

Aurora couldn't sleep, like always, every little noise alerted her. By the time the sun shone through the window she was already up and ready for the day.

After packing her belongings and the cans of food she had found she heaved the heavy cabinet away from the door as quietly as she could. She pressed her ear against the wood, listening closely for movement on the other side.

With her rucksack on her back, she drew her gun. With a clammy hand, she turned the knob throwing the door open quickly as her finger rested on the trigger ready to shoot.

A breath left her parted lips as she poked her head through the opening. Only a few littered her path as she put her gun in its holster and grabbed her knife. She had learned that they were attracted to sound, gunfire would draw the whole town in on her.

The first one turned to her, the flesh falling from its face in clumps as one eye gazed at her hungrily. With outstretched decaying arms is gargled at her, it's feet shuffling across the floor as she advanced with her blade drawn.

Close enough, she lifted her leg, kicking the body back as it fell to the floor with a crunch of fragile bone breaking. She lifted her boot, bringing it down on its skull as it squelched beneath her foot.

Disturbingly, she was used to this. To the killing.

She never saw herself as a survivor before the outbreak. Aurora was the type of girl who squirmed at the thought of violence. She knew nothing of the new world before he found her, barely managing to stay alive.

A lot had changed.

She didn't dwell on her old self as she worked as quietly as possible to take out the ones in her way. The old her was gone now, dead.

The sun blinded her as she quietly left the factory, hiding behind abandoned cars as cover. There were too many of them to try and get a car to work, she would more than likely get surrounded and trapped. With her arms already aching and covered in fresh blood she didn't think she could survive a group of them.

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