15 | To Get To You

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- In a world ruined by humans and ruled by the dead Aurora had one mission, to find him -

She didn't know how long it had been as she held her gun tightly within her trembling hands

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She didn't know how long it had been as she held her gun tightly within her trembling hands. She found it difficult to breath as her heart ached painfully in her chest, still beating but she didn't know for how much longer.

Aurora had taken refuge in a worn out factory at the edge of an old town until the group thinned out enough for her to continue her journey. It was the safest place she could find for the time being. Thankfully, she was close enough to sprint to the shabby building before the large cluster of moving bodies got near enough to notice her presence.

Luckily, she had managed to find some food in the canteen area. She had to fight for it though, nothing came easy. No longer was there the convenience of an unlimited food supply, going to the supermarket and simply buying your groceries for the week was a long forgot about routine for Aurora.

Her arms ached as she placed her gun down and dug into her can of peaches. Ignoring the dried blood and dirt on her arms and her clothing, she had grown used to it.

There had been thirteen of them, aimlessly stumbling around until they noticed her. Fresh meat for their rotting teeth to sink into.

At the start killing had been difficult, her mind always wandered to the fact that these things were once human. Always thought that somehow, they were still in there. That thought vanished though as soon as she witnessed the horrors of the new world in its full extent. No human can get up after being shot multiple times in the chest, nor could they walk on twisted limbs without pain.

Now, she didn't think of the people that had turned. She just got the job done. The guilt had eased over the months. It was her or them.

She could understand why no-one had raided the town yet, too many undead still lurked around every corner. Even for a small town, it was close enough to the City, looting the area was a suicide mission, even after so many months. One wrong move and the full town would be on you, eager to take a chunk of your flesh between their rotten teeth.

Aurora didn't care if she died, or so she kept telling herself. Deep down though she wanted to find him. She had to get to him wherever he may be. Over the past few weeks she had decided that he was dead. He would have found her by now.

The world was a big place, easy to get separated in the vastness of space. Or, easy to get killed on your travels.

She couldn't give up hope though, it was all she had left in the crumbling world. The ache in her chest a constant reminder of what she had lost.

Finishing the peaches she rummaged through her bag, pulling out another magazine for her gun as she placed it down beside where she had decided to sleep tonight, for precautions.

She took a peek out the office window she had taken refuge in for the night, a murky image greeting her due to the dirt but it was enough for her to evaluate her surroundings.

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