Chapter 43: The Truth Comes Out

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          The three vampires tried to charge him. But now was not the time to cover up a murder. Krinos held back Ethan. Alya took hold of Sarah. And it took both Caitlin and Alain to hold back Erica. Nightwing could tell that they were all annoyed. Beetle could see Siren holding in the desire to scream and knock Kid Flash sky high.

          ''Let's just get as acquainted as possible so that we will have an advantage when the heart is attacked,'' Lena says, trying to remain calm.

           They went around the library. Beast Boy went to the first glass case he saw. It contained a panflute set.

           ''Course you would be attracted to that one,'' White smiles. ''That is the Flutes of Pan, god of the wild. Its music can give power to the wild, either nature or animals. As a shape-shifter, you'd be drawn to it.''

           ''You also have magical objects here,'' Ma'gann asked.

          ''Wild magic is the most dangerous type there is,'' Danny says. ''Magic in the hands of mortals is like giving a monkey a stick of dynamite. It doesn't end well for anyone. We use the Library to keep all the dangers away from mortals and make sure they're safe.''

          ''Put magic in the hands of mortals and they will, inevitably destroy each other,'' Juliet said. ''My mom always said that.''

           ''Sure, trust the saying of an evil with that caused the destruction of Camelot,'' Artemis crossed her arms.

           ''Alright, that's it,'' Mason says, stomping over to her. ''We have tried to explain this in every way we can. Our mother could not control her magic, and our evil and manipulative aunt used that to control her. She wanted to try to use her magic for good, but couldn't. Her and Arthur's father hated magic, so she couldn't train it. Then Morgause came in and twisted everything to get our mom to do what she wanted. It wasn't her fault.''

         ''Camelot may have been a center for magic, but it wasn't always the case,'' Juliet took over. ''King Pendragon was a ruthless tyrant that executed anyone and everyone he either suspected of magic or actually did magic. If he had his way, our mom, Merlin himself, and even us would have been killed just because of his fear. When Arthur took the thrown with Guinevere, peace was restored to the land and magic was allowed to flourish.''

          ''There was no magic,'' Wally yelled at them. ''There still is no magic. Only forces that aren't explained, yet.''

           ''For the love of the gods, Wally,'' Roy had enough. ''Look in front of you. Proof. A ghost, two sirens, the children of Morgan LeFey, an animal witch, three vampires, a werewolf, a were-cat, and the freaking lord of nature. You're just in denial.''

          ''They are the ones in denial,'' Wally argued. ''So their powers are different. Big whoop. That doesn't automatically make it magic.''

          ''If you haven't noticed, Phantom should be dead,'' Alain joined in. ''He has no heartbeat in ghost form and a very slow one in human form. By all accounts, he should be in a coffin, not walking around being the sarcastic witful kid he is. Explain that.''

          Kid Flash stood there like a fish out of water. His mouth just opening and closing without anything coming out.

           ''Just because you don't believe it, doesn't mean it isn't true,'' Sarah said. ''This is our whole lives. We've survived plagues, wars, tyrants, even our own kinds. We've seen empires crumble, kings and queens fall, lands be discovered and abandoned.''

          ''We have hidden ourselves away because of people like you,'' Caitlin pipped up. ''You make assumptions about us and instantly think they're real. We are nothing like what you mortals think of us. We have families, we love, we care. We feel happiness, sadness, love, and grief. But no one ever bothers to look past the powers or looks.''

         ''We hide because we have no other choice,'' Alya yelled. ''Van Helsing massacred vampires just because they needed blood to survive, even if they never harmed a human. The Salem Witch Trials caused mass chaos, causing every witch in the world to fear for their lives and bloodlines. People are fine until the word 'magic' is spoken and all Hades breaks loose. Siren and Phantom suffered four years of torture because of who they are.''

          ''Some of us don't even choose to be like this, you know,'' Krinos shouted at them. ''Do you think Phantom asked to die, or that Siren wanted his heart infused with magical sound? Do you think that Erica, Sarah, or Ethan wanted to become vampires? Juliet and Mason could never have chosen to have a mother with a story like hers. But just as flowers don't get to chose where they bloom, children don't get to choose their fates or parents. You know nothing about us or the tears that we have shed.''

          Every magic user was just about ready to burst into tears. Nightwing went to his brothers, pulling them into a hug. Beetle wanted nothing more than to hug and kiss his boyfriend to give him comfort, but couldn't. Aqualad then turned to the two that had caused all this.

           ''Lena will open a portal,'' he told them. ''You two need to leave. I believe you caused our friends enough pain.''

           ''How can you even side with these... these... freaks,'' Artemis screamed.

             Siren snapped his head her way, his eyes glowing a furious gold. 

           ''Oh, she has really done it this time,'' Jaime said, all of them backing up.

          Siren approached the archer and young speedster. He opened his mouth and unleashed his sonic scream on them. Everyone else covered their ears to try and shield themselves from the horrible sound. 

         The two were blasted back, slammed into a bookshelf. As it was against the wall, it didn't fall over and create the most destructive domino effect in library history. Artemis' arrows spilled onto the floor in front of them.

          ''I have heard that word for four straight year,'' White growled. ''Every possible name you could use as an insult has been used on me. I've taken it every time someone had pushed me around and tried to make me think I am who I am not. Not from any mortal, ever again. And especially not from... HUH.''

         The gasped shocked everyone. Siren took a few steps back. A few of the others dared to go near him. Phantom, Nightwing, Beetle, Alya, and Aqualad all stood next to Siren. They all got wide eyes when they saw what he did.

          Some of the arrows were different from the others. There were a few that were just pure black and seemed to be made from a gem. Others were normal, but had an arrowhead of green crystal.

          ''Black pearl and ectoranium,'' Danny gasped.



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