Chapter One

The Beginning

By DorkFish1103

ME:Allen, if you would please?

Allen: Of course! I would like to tell you all that DorkFish DOES NOT OWN the D. Gray Man series, simply the plot and storyline of this here FanFiction. Tho it would be pretty awesome if she did ... can't tell you why though.(>.<)

ME: alright, now in that awesome british accent of yours please?

Allen: * looks at me with a death glare, horns sprouting* NO. I REFUSE MORE SO THAN I DO TO MASTER'S DEPT.

ME: :/ alrighty then...
In The Past...
"Oi, Red, if you wan any food than your gonna wan to get your arse over here. The others are about to eat it all." one of the many circus freaks shouted in my direction.

"Alrigh, I'll be there in a moment. I just have to finish washin Allen, he an Mana ave a performance later tonight." I say in response.

"Don say I din warn ya."

Allen's Point of View

"shi... yashi... MOYASHI!!!" Kanda shouted

"Allen-kun are you in there?" Lenalee said concerned.

"Oi, Allen, if you don't hurry up the food will be all gone." Lavi said, pulling me out of my memory filled day-dream.

Still a bit out of it, I say, " Wha do ya mean the food'll be gone, its righ here in fron of meh." not catching my british accent before I let it slip. I slap a hand over my mouth before I can say anything more.

Eyes wide all three are looking at me confused. I sit and let them stare. I know, a British accent is a cool or more sophisticated sounding voice but I absolutely hate it.

"What was that Allen? I didn't know you were a Brit. why don't you talk like that more often?" Lavi states with a look of pure giddiness in his eyes.

"I think i'll go help out the science division for a while." I say, getting up and taking my dishes to the bin. No one says anymore after that and I hope none of them are following me because i'm not so sure if i would be able to stay calm enough so not as to snap.

I finally reach my destination after taking a few wrong turns. Opening the lab doors I take in the scent of disinfectant and paper. Walking up to Reever, " Hey Reever, got anything for me to do here or something you need moved?"

"Unfortunately Allen, all we have is moving large boxes of old, untested chemicals, unless you are willing to help with that."

"Sure, what's the worst that could happen, turning me into a girl? Ha that would only bother me if Master was here. But he's not so i'm safe as can be!" I say excitedly.

"Alrighty then, why don't you take that box over there and put in that one closet that we all got stuck in during the zombie incident. That is the new dangerous chemical storage." whispering he clarifies, "Mainly for Komui's experiments that we don't want to try."

"Haha, that makes sense. I'll get right on that." I respond, taking the box into my arms, I start the long walk to the storage room.

Time Skip at the closet.(To lazy to describe how many wrong turns that Mister Walker had made on his trip)

I open the closet door slowly in case someone is already in there.(ya know, because i'm considerate of others) After confirming the absence of any of the science division staff, I open the door completely, and step inside. Setting the large box of chemicals on the shelf I hear the door slam behind me.

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