Lake City Quiet Pills

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In 2009, a strange post showed up on Reddit. It was a eulogy for a user called "ReligionOfPeace," posted by a friend who wrote, "He died at his desk lookin at your site." The poster, called "2-6," had never been on the site before, but he explained, as if everyone would know what it meant, that he was "the person who provided ReligionOfPeace the space for 'That Old Guy's Image Host.' "

When people looked into "That Old Guy's Image Host," they found a website registered with the strange domain name of "" It was a weird name for a porn site, but when people started looking at the website's code, they realized it was something else altogether. Hidden in the code of the website were ads for strange, long, overseas jobs. "Need 5 fluent Portuguese," one said. "6 month private gig."

People started making connections. There was an ammunition plant in Lake City, Iowa, some realized, which might mean that a "quiet pill" was a bullet. And they started finding hints to back that up. In his posts, ReligionOfPeace was oddly knowledgeable about the difficulties involved in killing someone with piano wire, and his eulogizing friend 2-6 had posted on another site, Fark, that he dispensed "Lake City Quiet Pills" to people "in need of permanent rest."

A whole conspiracy about a group of a hired killers grew, one that might have been paranoia or might have been a group of people falling for a hoax. But the story became eerily relevant about six months later. A Hamas commander named Mahmous al-Mabhouh was in his hotel in Dubai—and the assassins, investigators reported, had been funded with credit cards from a bank in Lake City.

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