Chapter 11: I'm Yours?

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''Princess I'll pick you up at 6'' Kieran gave me a hug and walked down the hall. Tonight we are going on a date and for once in my life

I'm nervous

What do we talk about?, Where will we go?, What will we do?.

''Stop overthinking your date Anna''Hannah walked up to me and gave me a hug. ''I wasn't overthinking'' I shut my locker door and pulled Hannah down the hallway.

''Yes you were, stop trying to deny it'' Hannah stomped her foot and barged into the classroom.

''I was-'' 

''Yes you were, end of story'' Hannah pulled out her text book and arranged her pens. 

''Hannah why are you so nervous?'' Hannah fidgeted in her seat before exploding.

''My parents want to meet you'' Hannah looked scared. How bad are her parents?

''They want to meet me, Why?'' 

''I haven't got many friends so I guess they want to meet my only friend'' Hannah looked out the window ''You don't have to com-'' 

''I would love to meet your parents'' I smiled warmly at Hannah, easing her nervousness. ''How about tomorrow night at 7?''Hannah gave me a piece of paper with her address.

''I'll be there''


I sat in my room surrounded by a pile of clothes, shoes and accessories. Caroline was pulling bits of fabric out of my never ending wardrobe and chucking them in the pile. 

''I don't want to seem overdressed Carol'' I got up off the floor and grabbed Carol's arm.

''You can never be overdressed for a first date Ann'' She wrenched her arm out of my grasp and continued to search through my wardrobe. 

''I don't think Kieran would care if I showed up in a pair of sweats and a shirt'' I raided my draws for a shirt and shorts before a shoe hit me in the head. 

''What the hell Carol?!?'' I rubbed my sore temple and glared at my brown haired friend. 

''Dress, heels, makeup NOW!'' Carol shoved me into the bathroom with a bunch of stuff.

What the hell even is some of this?

I picked up a heel and looked at it. How can someone walk in these?

''You only have an hour Ann. Get ready'' Carol banged on the door making me drop the heel onto my foot.

''Ouch!'' I raged out in pain. These heels were painful.

I emerged out of the bathroom 20 minutes later dress in a white crop top , jeans and my brown heeled boots. My hair was slightly curled and I had a tiny bit of mascara and eye shadow on. I grabbed my jacket in case it got cold later.

''You look fetching darling'' Carol did a horrible English accent. Acting was never her strong point. 

''Now here's your clutch, Kieran's going to be here in a minute'' Carol shoved me out the door and into the cold of the night.

''Have fun and remember the rules Anastasia'' Caroline's voice dropped and her face turned serious.

''I will Carol'' I hugged Carol and she went back inside.

I sat down on the front steps of my house, the wind blowing the leaves in my front yard. It was a peaceful sight. No fighting or rules to live by, no secrets. 

A car pulled up in front of the house. ''Get in Princess the night is young and we have things to do'' A voice shouted out threw a window.

''I'm coming, gosh you're so impatient'' I opened the door and slid into the car. The smell of fresh leather wafted up my nose. I rested my head on the seat and looked over at Kieran. His mouth was open and his eyes were looking all over my body.

''Y-you lo-ok gre-at'' He stuttered out. Kierans cheeks went red and he bowed his head. Aw he was blushing.

''You clean up well yourself'' I replied as we pulled out. Some music was playing over the radio as the wind whipped through my hair. ''So where are we going'' We pulled up to a red light and Kieran looked over at me and smirked.

''That's a surprise princess'' 


''That was AMAZING!'' I squealed out in excitement. Kieran had taken me to a paintballing place near the edge of town and after that we went to a pizza parlor close by.

It was a fun date. 

''Glad you liked it princess'' Kieran smiled and pulled up in front of my house. ''I don't want this night to end'' I slid down in my seat and frowned, I've never had that much fun and I didn't want it to go away.

''It doesn't have to princess'' Kieran pulled me up and placed his forehead on mine. Our eyes connected and tinges ran up and down my body. Kieran leaned in and our lips connected. Fireworks erupted from my lips and shivers went down my spine. 

Kieran moved his hand so he could cup my face and pulled me in closer with his other arm. We finally pulled apart for air and stared into each others eyes. ''That was the best kiss I've had in my life'' Kieran held my hand.

''You're not to shabby'' I smirked and Kieran attacked me with butterfly kisses. ''Kieran my brother and sister is going to see'' I shook my head and smiled at him. ''Good they can know that your mine'' Kieran pulled me in for a short kiss.

''I'm yours?'' I looked up at Kieran. His face went soft and he pulled me into a hug.

''Your mine Princess and don't you ever forget''







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