"He does however have a sister, and I will now ask all of you to tell me if you have a problem with her also joining our pack."

Murmurs run through the pack at this, and some raise their voice to give their opinion. "We have no problem with the Luna, but the sister has already proved herself to be a troublemaker who likes to fight, is it safe to let her join?" More people chime in "are our pups safe with a tiger in our midst?" I hear her scoff at that, so I figure she might as well be allowed to defend herself.

"Leila, would you like to address their concerns?" I ask her as I motion her to take center stage.

She just smiles sweetly and confidently walks forward and directly addresses the pack.

"I get that you might have some reservations about having me here, and I will be the first to admit that I can be a hothead and I will not back down from a fight. However, I will never be a threat to children, I do not harm those who cannot fight back. Yes, tigers tend to have short tempers, but we are not mindless animals, we have feelings and a conscience just like you. If anyone here challenges me, I will fight, but I will not harm anyone not asking for it." That last one was kinda unnecessary, but the pack seemed to like what she had to say, and most nodded their head at her words.

So I decide to speak once again, "So what do you say? Do we have two new pack members?" I let out a breath of relief as the pack seemed to mostly agree, and those who didn't was not voicing their opinion meaning they were going to learn to live with it.

"It's decided, Kyle, Leila, step forward and receive the pack mark." Unlike a mating mark, a pack mark is shallow and given on the wrist. And this mark can be broken if a member chooses to leave the pack, they both step forward an offer their arms. I grab Kyles wrist and let my canines descend, I sink them lightly into his wrist. Then I move on to Leila and repeat the proses, neither one bats an eye. And the second my teeth sink in new voices join the line. As we mate and mark each other me and Kyle will form our own mate line, meaning we will share feelings as well as thoughts, but this will do till then. At least I will have a way to contact him if I lose him from sight, and will hopefully avoid a repeat of today incident.

"Thank you all for coming to the meeting, and thank you for the way you have greeted your Luna, I'm sure he is as happy to be a part of this pack as we are to have him here."

With that most of the pack started to file out of the building. And I turned to the people on stage with me, "I suggest we celebrate your acceptance into the pack with a trip to the lake." It was a warm day and, it would be really nice to cool down and relax now that some of the tension had left my shoulders.

Kyle and Leila grinned like crazy and agreed right away. So Kyle likes to swim, there's something to store for later. Carl also agreed with a "just let me ask Julie," she was talking to some of her best friends in the pack, so when Carl suggested the lake her friends somehow got invited to. The more the merrier I guess. I then turned to Axel, he looked at Leila and made a strangled noise almost like a wine, but just scoffed "no, thank you, it's not the company I would prefer to enjoy the day with." Man, he really is an asshole to her, what the hell has crawled up his ass? I can't accept this, and starting now I won't. "Tough luck, you're going! You love the lake, and you need to get to know our new members." He looked really annoyed, but it's not like he can say no to a direct order from his Alpha, so he reluctantly agreed.

He just jumped off stage and went over to Julie and her friends, the girls in the group loved Axel, and I know for a fact that he knows most of them on a personal level, if you catch my drift? Hell, I've walked in on that guy fucking more times than I would like to remember. He slung his arm over the shoulder of a blonde, she giggled and kissed his cheek and they walked out together. I can't wait for him to meet his mate and settle down, he needs to calm down a little, I'm not sure the females in the pack can take much more heartache because of him. He doesn't seem to do it on purpose, but they keep falling for him only to be dumped a few days later.

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