Chapter 10

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The Packs Meeting Hall

Alpha Anders's pov

I almost lost it! When I came back to the apartment and Kyle wasn't there the worst case scenario popped into my mind and Mads took control, I almost shifted on the spot. And the few minutes that went by without me knowing where he was felt like years, it was the most painful minutes of my life. Losing my parents hurt, but the pain of losing Kyle would destroy me, I know that for sure now. And when one of my men said they had picked up his scent outside his sisters room, I damn near lost it again. When I finally had him back in my arms I felt such a relief, I almost toppled over with the emotional overload.

When he told me he didn't have the code I could have kicked myself, of course he didn't. But with all the changes that have happened over such a short time it completely slipped my mind.

Now here we are, Kyle is at my side and we are heading to the packs meeting hall where everyone is waiting to meet their Luna, and take a vote on whether or not we will welcome Leila to the pack as well. I have a firm grip on Kyles hand, enjoying the tingles that are shooting between our hands, and I could have sworn I heard Kyle purr a little so he must enjoy it as well.

As we enter the meeting hall the deafening noise of hundreds of people talking and children playing dies down and everyone turns to watch us walk in and up to the stage located on the other end of the hall. As we pass by our people they bow their heads and greets us, "Alpha, Luna". I feel so proud as I glance at my beautiful mate, he nods and greets people especially taking care to smile at the children who are in awe of meeting the Luna. He is perfect for the role he will have in the pack, I just know it.

As we get on stage I see that Carl and Axel are already up there waiting, they will take their place on our flanks.

I heard about what happened with Axel today, and I need to talk to him and find out what the hell is going on. It is not like him to lose control of his wolf, that man is a rock. Something must have happened while he was training with Alpha Gregory, and I need to know what that was. I also need to talk to him about the way he treated Leila, I know he has a problem with tigers but the way he was with her went beyond rude, he was hateful. I won't and can't force him to get along with her, but he needs to be at least civil. But that's a problem for after the meeting.

I step up and everyone's eyes are on me, "Moonstone Pack! I know word has already gotten out about the good news, but we are here because I want to confirm that I have met my mate. And I want to introduce you all to Kyle, your Luna." The whole pack erupts in cheers and clapping. I motion for Kyle to step up to, he takes his place next to me, and I grab hold of him and pull him flush against my body. Leaning down I plant my lips on his, as the tingles come back in full force I can't resist deepening the kiss and Kyle winds his arms around me kissing me back with equal fervor. Now the pack practically explodes with howls and whistling. As we pull apart I smile at him, he has a charming blush on his face and gives me a shy smile back.

I put up a hand and the crowd quiets down. "The Luna is, as you must all know by now, a tigershifter. I know it is quite unusual, possibly unheard of, for a wolf to be mated to a tiger. I know we are considered to be natural enemies, but as we all know the Goddess do not make mistakes and there is a reason behind this matchup and it is not up to us to question it. I could not be happier with the mate chosen for me, and I know you will all come to love him as I do.

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