Mikey x reader

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(e/c) eye color

(h/c) hair color

(h/l) hair length

(f/c) favourite color


(y/n)'s P.O.V

i was skating in the sewers with my brother Casey we were on our way to see the guys "hey Casey check it!" i shouted as i did a 360 on my board "hey ya getin good at dat" he said skating  around me "i cant wait till i show mikey!" i screamed as i did i rounded the turnstyal that is at the entrenc of the lair "GUYS!!!!" Mikey screamed as he hugged me and casey "hey mikey is raph her?" casey asked "yeah hes in the dojo" mikey said "oh thanks dude" casey said and ran off to fined raph "dudett you want to to play some Mario Cart with me?" he asked with puppy dog eyes "YEAH BOI!" i screamed as i hoped of my board " come on last one theres a roten egg!" he shouted an ran touwrds the liveinbg room 'god mikey your so adorable when your happy! if only he new i liked him' "hey wait up!" i screamed "hey mikey who's the chick?" a LIZERD girl with blond and green hair asked "oh thats (Y/N), Lizzy" he shouted as i landed on the couch "oh you mean the girl that you were talking about for the last past 2 months on how shes so pretty!" she shouted "LIZZY!"mikey wiends as he graped a watter ballon full of pink paint and started chaising her 'he thinks im pretty HE THINKS IM PRETTY!' I thought as i wached him chais her around until he hit her with the ballon and sat back down on the couch

Mikey's P.O.V

"so you think im.. pretty?" (y/n) asked snaping me out of my thoughts "um.. yeah ,your (h/l) (h/c) hair and your (e/c) eyes and the fact that your o0bsested with anythin (f/c) its just so cute to wach you jump arouned squeling!" i said as she blushed "i..i think your pretty cute to mikey" she said "will you be my girl friend?" i asked "yes!" she screamed as she hugged me oviosuly i hugged back

both cute's P.O.V

'best day ever!!!'


hey love's i hade the best day ever i scored the winning goul for my game, i got a new scait board from my dad, my brother brought me to see the new starwars movie, and right after the gaim one of my team mates Roy asked me out on a date and i said yes! and my dog Sole had puppys there so cute! (just in case you didn't know im on an all boys team for hockey and im a girl!) and the only bad thing is that jamie came over begging me to forgive him, i got my big brother gabe to get him off of the lawn cause im not waisting my time on that jerk.

thats all for now by Love's ~Marcy

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