005; Trying to give up

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When lunch time arrive Sadie and Caleb sat at their normal table and Millie joined them as well. Sadie tried to think of something to do to make her parents stop doing drugs but also what she did had to let her continue to live with them. Sadie put her head in her hands.

"My mind is blank, I have no idea what to do." Sadie sighed

"It's okay, we'll figure something out." Caleb says calmly.

"How can you be so...so calm? My mom could die from this and so can my dad if it gets any worse." Sadie says

"I know, maybe you should call a therapist or take them to a facility for awhile." Caleb suggests.

"No! Then I'll be taken to a foster home or something and end up living with complete strangers." Sadie says loudly and storms out of the cafeteria. Caleb quickly follow her into the hallway and grabs her wrists, he makes her face him.

"It's okay Sadie, just calm down." Caleb says.

Sadie pulls her hands away from him. "No Caleb! Its not okay! Nothing is ever going to be okay! My life is meant to be miserable can't you see that? First my mother is sent to jail and my father leaves me, second I'm stuck with an abusive step mother, next I'm bullied in school and I become suicidal, then my parents come back and start taking drugs. I thought the scars and cuts on my wrist were just my way of trying to calm myself, but they weren't. They're real and serious, dieing is the only way my life will get any better." Sadie snaps

"No! Sadie never say that please. If you were to...you know... I wouldn't be able to live with myself and I might do the same thing. Please Sadie." Caleb takes her hands again

"You have the perfect life Caleb, you have a loving and healthy family and your rich! You have every right to enjoy your life." Sadie says to him.

"My life would be miserable without the person that I love. I love you Sadie...I really do." Caleb says

"I...I love you too Caleb. I just don't love my life." Sadie says finally becoming calmer.

"I wouldn't love my life if I saw you in a casket one day. I need you to survive and get passed the hard times." Caleb says

"Its not that easy but...maybe." Sadie nods. Caleb smiles at her and nods.


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