Chapter XL

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A chill froze me right there as I saw her walking, just as if she were in a trip. She was now dressed in full black, her hair now the color of blood and with a furious look on her eyes.

"GODS!" Screamed Pandora. In just a second, The Tenth created an army of runes, all of them drawn with green fire, that started to attack the building. Thick black vines began to grow throughout the structure, moving at full speed, crushing it as they multiplied.

"We need to get out of here!" I shouted. "Pandora, get the book, search for anything you can understand, and take Gail with you." I didn't need to repeat it after the whole place shook again. "Wiese, come with me, but do not do any magic," I said serious, "she can manipulate the magic she can see, any spell in front of her is a suicide, you understand?" They nodded. "If something happens, get the hell out of here and run to Pandora. Call her with your mind, and she will listen to you. No. Buts."

"I promise, mom." They tried to sound confident, but I felt the fear in their voice. Do not fail Wiese, do not, do not.

"I swear with my life that I won't let anything happen to you." I said controlling my hands, forcing them not to shake as the place we were in when I took their face. Wiese could only nod between the tears.

"Come with me."

I ran through the corridors holding them by the hand, looking for the library. Before going to the garden, I had searched through all the rooms, and just as I expected, after going through one of the living rooms, a library opened before us.

Pandora would be on the top floor. I didn't know if she would still be without powers, but I knew she was more than capable of achieving something. She had damaged the fairy from Dreamare, from another reality, make the magic of the elements go beyond the barriers until it reached its destination, and I was sure she could do it again.

"Wiese," I told them, "right behind those shelves under the window," I ponted to the place with my fingers, speaking as fast as I could, "there's an entrance to an armory. Those same books have all the information you need to create an emergency portal."

"Which do I take?!" They asked alarmed because of the never ending tremors.

"Anyone! They all are of use, take the first one you see and go with Pandora. Do whatever she tells, but listen to this very carefully, if you get to see even the shadow of The Tenth, do the spell, leave the book and take Pandora and Gail with you. Think of the Ruins, you remember them, right?" They nodded. "Do that, and as long as I'm alive, I'll find you, all of you."

"I swear I'll do it." I gave them a kiss of the forehead before running.

I passed through the shaky shelves and entered the secret armory. My instinct told me I would need a sword, but I remembered the scythe I had used and left in the tower, and the daggers with which I had managed to defend myself for so long.

I forced myself to breathe for a second to see clearly with what little light there was, until I found both weapons. I kept in that position and summoned my sëol, who appeared faster than the previous times, and this time with a look of horror on his face.

"The Tenth Fairy is here." I said as calmly as I could. "We have to prevent her from getting to the library at all costs. No matter what happens, she can not go near the entrance door of the library." For the first time, I saw the eyes of the creature as determined as I thought mine were. This time, it was the two of us together, not me fearing it would try to somehow control me.

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