Chapter 10 | Into the Rain

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Calvin ran to the nearest bedroom as the evils flooded into the house. Frain followed, and they locked the door as they entered and the survivor began boarding up the door. 

"Find a mattress or something we can use to shield us from the rain!" Frain called. "We can't stay in here much longer!" 

Calvin looked around the destroyed bedroom and spotted a large and slightly torn towel. He picked it up and stabbed two round holes into it with his dagger, and slipped it over his head. The towel covered him head-to-toe, and made him feel like he was playing ghost as a child.

Frain had gotten the same idea, and grabbed a brown sheet off the floor and made eye holes as well. As he pulled it over his head, a loud clunk sounded as one of the hinges of the door popped off. Only two more remained.

"Go, go!" Frain ordered. Calvin glanced at the only window in the room, with all the glass in it shattered. He slowly stepped his foot out onto the torn up grass and pulled himself outside, bracing for something bad to happen.

When Frain hopped out behind him, sheet on top, he began to run to the right. "We must be quiet to not alert any other evils, the ones back there still think we are inside that house. Maybe we can make it back to my house to look for my family." 

Calvin nodded and ran after Frain, who was in the lead. They ran behind the houses, which were on an abandoned street where evils roamed, looking for survivors to kill.

Frain turned the corner and into an alleyway after a while of running in the rain, and glanced across the street. "There," He pointed to a small two-story house across the street. It looked abandoned, and Calvin's hopes sank.

"I thought you said you're family was there?" Calvin asked.

"Hopefully they are in the basement or somewhere hidden," Frain was overjoyed and ran straight into the street and towards the house. His feet squished against the pavement as he ran, running through puddles and other things without a care in the world. Calvin followed him quietly and quickly.

He glanced up and down the street and saw a few evils, but none got alerted by their presence. The two reached the door of the house, only to find the door locked. Frain knocked and waited a while, eventually calling out to them. The windows and everything seemed intact, and it didn't look that bad. A few cracks in them, and some of the wood on the roof was coming off but that was all.

Frain groaned as he threw his left side against the door. He rammed against it tried to force the metal door off it's hinges. After banging against it several times, he backed up, and ran at the door will full force. The door flung open off the hinges and hit the floor with Frain atop it. The man picked himself up and walked into the house to see it just the same as it was before he left.

Frain rubbed the shoulder he used to push the door in. Calvin noticed and asked what was wrong. "I just used it to break down a heavy metal door," He responded quickly. "I probably broke it but I'll be fine. Ignore it," Calvin shrugged but didn't get the thought off his mind: Frain was hurt.

"Guys? It's me!" Frain called into the house. Calvin walked inside, lifting the broken door up behind them to block the open entryway so no evils could get in. He threw his cover off of him, as did Frain with his sheets.

They entered into a kitchen, where all the cabinets were empty but not hanging open like the last house. They searched through all the rooms, and it all looked like a normal house with nothing out of the ordinary. 

After searching the entire first floor, Frain began to walk up the stairs in the living room which led to the second floor. "If they are smart enough, they'll know that upstairs is a stupid place to go. But it's worth checking, come on."

Calvin followed the survivor upstairs, and they entered the first bedroom that was closest to the stairs. Inside was a pink bed with black and pink walls, a unique design. The sheets on the bed were in a messy formation, looking like they hadn't been used in a while.

Frain shrugged as he pushed back tears as he recalled all the memories that had happened in his daugther's room. He pushed past Calvin who stood in the doorway and went into the next room, a green one with the same design as the last one, pink replaced by lime.

The last room was the same way, yet replaced by another color, blue this time. That was all of the kid's rooms, and none showed any signs of survivors. There was one room left, the parent's bedroom, which Frain and his wife had slept in for years.

They went back downstairs after finding not one member of Frain's family left. Frain plopped himself down on the couch and buried his face in his hands. Calvin stood awkwardly by the stairs leading to the second floor, waiting for something to happen.

"I guess we can just wait here until the rain stops. Are you planning on leaving them?" Frain asked after breaking the silence.

"I don't know. Commander Zad has been turned, so I'm most likely gonna search for some other soldiers before heading northeast again. You should come, I think you'd fit the Zena perfectly-"


"Shh! Be quiet! Quiet, Calvin!" 

Frain sprang to his feet. "Ben!" He yelled dashing towards the basement. He ran to the stairs leading down to the basement and nearly leaped down all of them. Calvin ran down them as well, happy to see another survivor.

In the basement, which was a small room surrounded by smooth stone with five chairs sitting in the middle of the room. A dim candle lit up the entire room, illuminating the faces of all the people who sat on those chairs.

Three small humans sat in the chairs, the youngest looking to be around five years old, and the oldest looking to be an early teenager. The middle child was the only girl, who looked to be around seven. There faces were filled with grim and they looked slightly thinner than when Frain had last seen them.

"Kids!" Frain yelled, wrapping his arms around the three of them and pulling them into his warm embrace. "I'm so glad you're okay! Where's your mother?"

Calvin watched from the stairs as the teenager began to cry. "Mom's dead," He balled, slamming his face into his fists. "Mom left to get food and then it started raining and-and she never came back!"

Frain backed away slowly and glanced at Calvin with a worried glance. The three kids sitting on the chairs looked over at Calvin with confusion. "Who's he?" The girl asked.

"Me?" Calvin said, walking towards the middle of the basement. "I'm Calvin and I'm only doing what every soldier should do. Protect and help the citizens of Renya. I promise you, as apart of the Zena's new ruling, we will get rid of the Storm of Dark Energy."

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