Chapter 6 : Dating my brother?

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I pull the thick green hood of my cardigan over my head, shrinking into its warmth to hide from the wind.
          Well, What else can I do? I've been waiting outside in the freezing cold and my face looks like it is going to crumble.
         I had agreed to wait for Liam to finish football practice after school. So that he can tutor me.
       I saw him walking down from the hall wearing a blue  jersey and blue short but he was not alone . I saw him talking-arguing with someone. That girl he was with at the cafeteria. He left her alone as he sighted me and ran towards me.
     "Have you been waiting for me,nerd" Liam said,staring at me
       "No I just like hanging out in the freezing cold" I replied,sarcasm dripping from my voice. Liam huffed an rolled his eyes smiling.
"Come on"  He grabbed my hand and started dragging me towards the car park. I love the feeling of his hand on mine and I can swear I felt a spark. I thought I would see a small car or a truck but what I saw before me was mighty. A Lamborghini.
        "Holy shit" I gasped ,this got his attention has he looked back.
           "You like my baby" He said pointing to his car.
              "Which baby" I said playing dumb.
               "Is nerd jealous of my babe" He shot me a smile . He removed his hand from mine and grabbed a set of keys from his bag and clicked a button. I heard a chirp from the car.
        "Getting in?" Liam asked me holding my door out.
        I nodded and entered the car as he did. When we were on the road, he had turned on the radio and I was murmuring the lyrics of the song under my breathe, looking out of the window the entire time.
         "You know this song?"Liam asked me. I looked over at him to see him giving me a glimpse of his dimples.
        "Yeah it is on my phone" I said back to him . "Do you like it?" I asked him
          " No, it is shit song. I don't listen to shit" He said back .
      I frowned and I raised my eyebrows at him.
          "You have no right to call Charlie Puth's song shit , by the way where are you taking me to?" I said .
              "My house ,why? " He asked as he moved into the parking lot of his house-i mean mansion. How rich is this guy?
          "Are you tutoring me at your house?" I asked.
         "No,I came here to drop my car. I am taking you to a coffee shop to draw my lesson plan with you" He replied ,as we got out of the car and headed towards his door . A little girl opened the door and grinned.
           "Lee boy ,How are you?" The little child said as she jumped on Liam. Lee boy?
         He bent down and carried her up in air.  
         "How is my Amy doing?" He asked her.
        "I'm fine " She replied before looking at me .
      "Liam who is this?" She asked Liam referring to me. Liam looked at me and smirked .
         " A friend " He said. A friend ?
       " I'm Malia and I'm not his friend " I said grinning.
       "I am Amy and I'm 5 years old ,he is not my friend also" she replied
   "Are you guys done ganging up against me 'cos we have been standing in front of the door since and my legs are paining me" He said at the same time opening the door to his living room . He ushered me in.
          The living room is so big and I could see swirls of pattern on the wall of his house. He was using a very big TV and I could see an Xbox beside the TV. A rerun of TMNT was playing on the TV . His living room is the size of my whole house. Amy dragged me to sit down beside her on the couch.
       "Umm I wanna head up to my room to change my clothes before we go out with my motorcycle......"He trailed off as he walked upstairs.
         "Malia, are you dating my brother?" Amy asked me. She is the cutest child I've ever seen.
         "um, no. Why did you ask" I asked.
       " 'cos he never let anyone on his bike, not even his friends.

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