I'll never see her again (Patryck)

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Patryck's Pov

Paul:"Hey. Did you gather all your things yet? We'll have to leave soon. You know an enemy group will be here in less than an hour."

Somehow our location iss exposed, so we're no longer safe here. I looked back at him, and nodded. Signalling that it'll just take another minute.

Emptying some papers and blue prints from my desk, I came across an old photo. It....hurt just to see it again. Reminding me of her. I picked it up and examined it closely. Getting lost in thought. Paul walked back over to me.

Paul:"What's the hold up?" His eyes landed on what I was holding, his expression falling. "Oh."

Pat:"They just took her..." I'm not exactly talking to Paul. Just speaking aloud. He know's that.

"The government didn't tell me anything on why. Not even a simple note, or a phone call..." Tears emitted in my eyes. "I'll never see her again!..."

Paul:"Pat..." He rested a hand on my back, comforting me, and bringing me back to reality. "We gotta go."


After a night at a bar, which seems like a mistake, I woke up next to a young woman. I wasn't too sure how to deal with a one night stand, so I just left. It's not until several months later (she must of took my number) she told me that she has a child, and I'm the father. She did a blood test and sent me a picture of the results. She wasn't lying.

Obviously, I was shocked. Though, the thought of having a little me to take care of felt exciting. The next day, she came over with some supplies I'll need and the baby.

Her name is Lena. My baby girl.

One day, the mother said she needed a spa day.

After that, she never returned. I tried calling, but she must of gotten a new number.

Now I'm a single father. Not that I liked her, it's just....I can't believe a mother would be so willing to leave their child like that. Even though it was a mistake. I'm glad to be holding this little angel in my arms...

As the years went by, I grew more attached to my Jelly Bean. That's the nick name I gave her, since she was a pretty small infant, even as a toddler. We're not the type to visit lots of places. Lena prefers to sit on the couch, watching a movie with brown buttered popcorn with her father. I try my best to spend time with her. I'm at my job from 7 to 4 so she spends half of her time with some teenage babysitter.

Nothing could ever separate me from her. My life seemed so perfect then. After a hard day at work, I come home to a beautiful, 5 year old daughter.

Then when I least expected it, they took everything away.

Somehow, I got fired. I'm not too sure why.

Then my daughter, Lena. After I woke up from a nap, these three men in suites and masks snuck into my apartment. Right when they were about to leave, she began to kick and scream because she knew the man that's carrying her, isn't me.

I was alerted, and the last that I saw of her is tears streaming down her face on another mans shoulder. When I made an attempt to go after them, my hand was glued to the sofa. They tried to stall. By the time I got to the door, I was too late....she's gone.

I'll never she her sweet smile again...

That's why I fight. There's nothing else to live for besides getting my daughter back. Even still I don't think there's a chance...


My daughter and I went out. It's not common for us, though, we need memories like this. So we're not cooped up in our apartment all the time.

There's a band playing live at a park. Not what most would expect to do with their young daughter, but who's judging.

It's nothing huge, just, whoever pasted by, would listen. Some would stop to enjoy. I carried Jelly Bean on my shoulders. She laughed, because she towered over all the rest. The music began to play. I tried to keep a safe distance, so it won't get too loud for her little ears.

The beginning guitar solo/intro to the song honestly sounded great.

Lena:"hehe! Daddy! Daddy! Put me down."

After I lifted her off of my shoulders, she ran to the railing, which is the little fence around the band. My heart....It made me so happy, the smile on her face. There's nothing a father could ever want more...

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